Saturday, April 29, 2017

Flow or Flaw !

Its often said, "Flow with the river or Be the flow". Pondering a bit on the phrase unfolds the journey of a log in a river. A log thrown in a river has no choice but just flows the way the river takes its course. The fact is it may not really take the entire route of a river for it can get stuck between rocks or anything can happen. There is no mind in the log to think and there is no intellect to discriminate the situation and become aware of the present moment. The log is just fine if it flows or if it is stuck for both makes no difference to it. But, not so with the human being.

A human being cannot be like a log for it is blessed with the mind that can be aware and decide. Imagine a human being given a log of wood which he converts it into a boat and uses it for his journey in the river. To tune into the flow(force) of the river is truly flowing. When grace bestows such tuning, the journey of awareness starts to flow. One becomes aware of the rocks to avoid or even if stuck knows to deal with it effortlessly. Unlike the river, this journey of awareness has no definite destination but just continues as the divine ride until death knocks the door called Life and enters in and life simply exits gracefully.

To tune in as the flow or be the flaw, let us ponder.

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