Thursday, April 23, 2009

~ Intellect~

Let us a take a look at the transformation of a simple metal plate into a knife. The metal plate when processed through various stages gets shaped into a sharp instrument used primarily for cutting etc. Have you noticed, the process doesn't get completed in just sharpening the blade. It takes a complete shape only when a wooden handle is provided on one end. The one edge of the sharpened blade gets fixed into the wooden case, thereby, providing strong and comfortable access to the usage of the instrument. Left without a wooden case to hold, the blade still remains a sharpened tool but dangerous even to the user. Try holding a sharpened blade and make use of it. May be, your hands would bleed first even before making use of it.

When looking at the mind, intellect and its connectivity to the Self, i felt it is easier to understand and relate it with the example of the knife. Intellect, as a sharpened blade is essential to discriminate, execute. It becomes a dangerous tool only when it is not rooted in the wooden case, The Self. The same intellect when connected with the Self, can be a potential instrument for the right usage.

Meditation is that vital platform where the unseen factory transforms the various potential factors to connect to the Real Self. Awareness, again is the prime factor to realize and to remain in it.

It is indeed important to have the right instrument and the right person to make use of it too. Understanding and working towards the same, lets us have the clarity and confidence in making the best use of the instrument.


Anonymous said...

It seems as if true intelligence would be in alignment with the higher self. Can the ego contain intellect or higher knowledge? It may think so. It does dissect, cut, and divide everything where the parts have a hard time communicating with one another. Would true intellect just store the knife in a museum never to cut up anything again?

Yes, we can cut things up responsibly. But I still see it as a seperation then from the whole.

This is an interesting post. You got me exploring my mind. Thank you.

Merging Point said...

True intelligence, if you may call it, is probably the one which is connected to the self. There is also intelligence which is connected with the arrogant, selfish ego which causes the problem.

yes, it is an instrument and is meant to be used in the proper way.
what is the purpose of a blunt knife? The right sharp intellect does cut the unwanted clouded concepts and just reveals the everlasting undivided one..

thankyou Natural Moments for letting me explore more...

Anna said...

Hi Merging Point.

You said: 'Understanding and working towards the same, lets us have the clarity and confidence in making the best use of the instrument.' - so so true.

BTW I little bloody example, lol, ouch.

Anna :)

Merging Point said...

crude or crucial instrument, indeed is in the hands that hold and the mind that

thankyou anna!

Miruh said...

Hello Merging Point,

I love the analogy.

"Awareness, again is the prime factor to realize and to remain in it."

With awareness the intellect is the Self, not apart from it. The wooden case is dependent on the sharp metal to express itself in form. The two are necessarily dependent on each other for manifestation in physical reality.

Thanks for your wisdom!

Anonymous said...

This is a really good post for me Merging Point. I thought about it before I went to bed and I thought about when I woke up and I had to come back.

I was picturing a knife and how a knife would cut hair. And I thought, would it be accepting and therefore loving to change hair from something that just is, into something else that just is. Then I thought, well it depends on the feelings behind the cutting. If someone didn't like their hair before they cut it, they would not be accepting and would be using the knife as a tool of prejudice. But if the hair was beautiful as is, but one just wanted to change the story, to change costumes, then the knife would be an instrument of change, and not negative or even positive intent. It would be a tool to explore new feelings along the spectrum of life. The knife can cut with respect and love with the intent of recombining ingredients into something new to expereince.

And I like your metaphor or idea of the handle and how it keeps the sharpness detached from the mind. Beautifully done, and you have taught me well.

Merging Point said...

Dear Miruh!

When connected to the source, it is all just one. yes, as a formless(soul) needs the form to express.

Thanks for your sharing too.

Merging Point said...

Dear Bernie,

When the reading is followed by the contemplation and applying, the completeness of the wisdom is received.
Truly appreciate your fullness in the insight and thanks for sharing yet another expression of the same essence..

Liara Covert said...

Meditation is the path back to core self. Practicing how to listen to stillness reveals more than one ever thought possible. Thoughts are a two-edged sword. They help or hinder depending on one's perspective.

Merging Point said...

True Liara. help when detached, hinder when attached...
thanks for your comments.

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Cutting sharp
Dissecting the thoughts
Sending the peels away
Into the dustbin
Retaining the fleshy
Essence alone
For consumption
And clearing up
The scene
To merge with the reality
- Swahilya.

Merging Point said...

wow! Swahilya!

Mark said...

You have wisely used the knife for this analogy. Brilliant. Yes, our tool must be complete for it to be effective and safe.

Merging Point said...

Thankyou Mark!

Ruth said...

Sharp blades used indiscrimately, or out of ego, harm the cutter as well as the cuttee. The cutter may not realize it for some time.

A sharp intellect is no excuse for a spirit of judgment and should always be tempered with compassion for the circumstances of another person. As Tolle says, if given the same genes and circumstances as another, I would make the same choices.

That's where this took me.

Merging Point said...

'The cutter may not realize it for some time.'-- so true, Ruth!
Just like anger firstly affects the one who has and then on the one whom it is inflicted.

Compassion is the purest stream of the eternal Self..

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Merging Point, what a great illustration. It's soooo easy to keep the handle on our life out of reach because we are too busy to look for it. And that is when mistakes happen.

Looove how you think!!!

Hugs, JJ

Merging Point said...

Thankyou JJ! keep looking for something that is right

EricBodhi said...

"Chef says that with a dull knife, it's true, you end up pressing too hard on the onion. This crushes the cells, causing volatile oils from the onion to be released, and it's the oil that makes you cry."...
"But with a very sharp knife,"...
"You do not have to push so hard with your knife, and that way less oil releases"...

"So, the sharper your knife, the less you cry." (from page 47 of Kathleen Flinn's autobiography The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry)

Noticing this book today brought to remembrance the knife of intellect and the onion of the mind. Then, reading your blog entry reminded of the necessity of the well-rooted mind in the handle.

With deeper-greater awareness and with wisdom-skill and compassion, may we delve into our minds and hearts without bluntness.
With intellect sufficiently sharpened, may we discern without crushing.
As we delve into the sharp experience of life, may we cause less suffering.
May we co-create more happiness and joy!

Lynda Lehmann said...

A very good analogy, Merging Point. We must always temper intellect with how we handle it. Without joining it with our cores selves, involving feeling/emotion and intuition, it can be a dangerous weapon. Intellect when used alone, can be manipulated to rationalize and justify almost any line of thought, or deed!

Merging Point said...

Dear Eric, thankyou for your wonderful analogy and thoughtful ways of expression.
yes, indeed, with awareness the perception changes and we are back to see it as it is...

Merging Point said...

Yes Lynda, it is important to have a handle as a base and then make use of it. Thankyou.

Liara Covert said...

The evolving nature of attachment and detachment prompts one to contemplate and learn the depth of feeling detached and attached to certain perspectives all at once. As you imply, progressively detaching is sort of like exhaling. Attaching is like inhaling. You feel the build-up of something that you are preparing to release. The process feels good. I appreciate all dislogue related to this post. It opens up the mind.

Merging Point said...

Thankyou for your appreciation, Liara. yes, it does open up the mind to various subtletes.