Saturday, April 29, 2017

Flow or Flaw !

Its often said, "Flow with the river or Be the flow". Pondering a bit on the phrase unfolds the journey of a log in a river. A log thrown in a river has no choice but just flows the way the river takes its course. The fact is it may not really take the entire route of a river for it can get stuck between rocks or anything can happen. There is no mind in the log to think and there is no intellect to discriminate the situation and become aware of the present moment. The log is just fine if it flows or if it is stuck for both makes no difference to it. But, not so with the human being.

A human being cannot be like a log for it is blessed with the mind that can be aware and decide. Imagine a human being given a log of wood which he converts it into a boat and uses it for his journey in the river. To tune into the flow(force) of the river is truly flowing. When grace bestows such tuning, the journey of awareness starts to flow. One becomes aware of the rocks to avoid or even if stuck knows to deal with it effortlessly. Unlike the river, this journey of awareness has no definite destination but just continues as the divine ride until death knocks the door called Life and enters in and life simply exits gracefully.

To tune in as the flow or be the flaw, let us ponder.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hole to Whole !

Hole to Whole contemplation.

Exploring the hole
May land you in a dead end
Excavating the deadend leads you
To the unknown world
That has no end
But complete as it is
In silence and stillness
No more it's just a hole
But truly whole !

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Domain OF The Divine !

When you had to get your leaking pipeline fixed, lets say, your friend or neighbour says there is a plumber who can do it and gives you the contact number. You may verify his credentials from your friend and choose to contact him. When you tried calling him, for whatever reasons, the call doesnt get connected. But after some repeated calls, you do get connected, speak to him and get your leaking pipeline too fixed.

Now, if someone who had called and could not get connected says, "there is no such person at all", we can only call it as his experience but can not deny the existence of such a person. Similarly, for someone who is not in need of a plumber and denying the existence of a plumber itself totally, once again, indicates just the ignorance.

Seeking God is somewhat similar. Until, it becomes your own realization, no matter what others belief or trust is, its not yet yours. But, some people, totally denying the existence of God in the name of non-verifiable is like unable to connect or yet to find the need to connect and hence deny it totally.

Unlike the plumber who is yet another form, connecting to God or consciousness(never disconnected ofcourse) is not with yet another form but the very basic force that has become this form. Internal connectivity as grace re-establishes the entire connectivity not just within but outside too.

There can be no space that is beyond the domain of the divine. Space by itself is backed by consciousness. All that one feels lost or disconnected is purely because of the clouded mind and once grace brings in the wave of clarity and awareness, the stillness shines as silence.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Tune in" to "what?"

The ever ongoing topic of accepting everything as it is and discovering "who am i " happened with my friend who was mentioning how he has been really practicing this acceptance and doing all that he can to discover himself.

At one point, i just indicated that the very fact that when one says he has to accept, that means, it obviously indicates that he has drifted and now he is trying to come back and accept everything as it is. The word, "drifted" in no time drifted my friend away from the topic of inquiry and made him share the story of a hilarious movie related with "driftwood". Though i tried once to point his drifting, his mind was gone until he finished narrating the story. I waited patiently for him to return.

Now, what more can we ask for as an example for the ever drifting mind. Moment it knows that one is making a move towards the source, the mind would trick with all its cleverness to pull back the person. Strangely, once again, when it settles down a bit, starts to hunt for the permanence and goes around trying to accept everything. What a hilarious and strenuous game.

When do we need to accept something? Only when we see it as something else other than what it is. Its like dismantling the hands and then fix it back everytime to work fine. How stupid it can be. Hands are just a part of the body and it is totally in harmony with the rest. There is no acceptance from either of them. Only if it is dismantled, then the body once again has to accept the hand when it is fixed back. If body doesnt accept, then the transplant procedure with any organ, heart or kidney or anything gets rejected.

With mind, existence has been so gracious waiting patiently and accepting it so well whenever it has come back from its drifting spree unlike the body which may or may not accept. When it is Nothing, what is even there to tune in unless you remain to be something and then try so hard to tune into nothing.

Nature forever in harmony neither drifts nor accepts but simply remains as nothing. The lotus flower blossoms in the slush and doesnt crib or demands only a fragrant pond to blossom or even claims to have accepted the slush. But, we human beings never miss a moment to complain about this world.

This present moment is the most precious jewel to be adorned, doesnt dazzle like diamond for everyone to see but bestows the greatest fulfillment that no diamond can ever come near to it. Awareness is that string that holds the present moment and Nothing is the best jewellery of the divine. Grace is His shop to seek.

Seek ye the grace of a Guru !!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Belief To Being !

When someone who was religious and believing in God happens to explore the terrain of spirituality invariably comes across some hilarious incidents, especially from the strong believers of God. One such moment was from a christian priest. Though a good hearted man, he could not relate or understand or accept that a believer of god cannot forsake Him.

Out of sheer wanting to understand the logic behind it, he asked me, "How can you leave God?". I could only afford to laugh silently within me  because i know its arising out of ignorance and there is a genuine wanting to know. I replied saying, "Who can leave whom?. Is it ever possible for such a thing to happen, me leaving god or god leaving me?". After explaining, he atleast did not defend his staunch belief concept but was willing to peep into such possibility. Ofcourse a rare few only do that.

As a kid, we never knew that we had a heart or for that matter any organ as such. But, as we grew up, at a certain stage, we either studied or someone in whom we trusted said we have a heart and we live only till it functions. Moment it stops, we are dead. So, we believed that there is a heart and it is the one for us to be alive. At various levels of growing up stages, we started to gain more and more knowledge about heart and experience it too. Now, as adult, we no longer ride on the wheels of belief. We simply know it as a part of us. That does not mean we deny its existence. We neither believe any longer nor we deny. There is something beyond these two, believing and denying and probably, we may call it as realizing the presence of heart and its vital function related with our living. They are simply intertwined.

Probably i  could only relate this example to some extent of someone moving from belief to Being. In believing, you separate yourself from "That" which needs to be believed. In Being, you realize "That" which was never separate and you are just a part of "That". Belief is based on someone's experience. Being is your own realization.

In the example of heart and myself, where the heart has not become you but just continues to be a part of your body, But, when it comes to God and you, the belief would always keep you separated. In realizing, the beauty unveils the truth as it is God who has become you and hence you remain just being. Where is the question of you leaving God ?

Divine grace in the form of Guru as awareness unveils the Divine play. You simply abide in gratefulness.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Burn The Rubber !!

Journey to everywhere or anywhere begins with filling the fuel. Contemplating further on this "Fuel" and relating the "Journey on road" to 'Journey to nowhere", it is quite interesting to note certain insights.

Undoubtedly, the vehicle would not move an inch with out fuel. But, have you thought, just by filling the fuel does the vehicle move?. No. It is in the burning of the fuel which gets converted into energy and enables the movement of the vehicle. That clearly indicates that the stored fuel no longer remains as it is but only in its burning, the energy is gained.

Relating the same concept with fuel to knowledge, one can see the insight. Just as knowledge stored, there can be no application in this world as wisdom. Just as the fuel tank, the mind too stores it as knowledge and probably, the human being is referred to as a scholar. Only when knowledge is applied and converted into wisdom, the journey to nowhere happens. Till then, the mind is only a store house.

Application as awareness may probably be related to the man on steering. Simply sitting on the seat is not going to lead one anywhere even if the tank is full. Likewise, if the mind filled with knowledge if not used rightly can meet with an accident and land up else where than the destination.

Every stage of this wonderful journey reveals the importance of every stage until there is no more but just be ! Journey goes on ...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Realist vs Idealist !

When you are an idealist
The whole creation contradicts

When you are a realist
The whole creation compliments.

So, one thing is glaring on our face called perception. In both, the creation seems to remain same. Thankfully, we have not divided different creators for the difference in creation, so one creator solves the dispute.

Idealist - It is not that he doesn't belong to this existence but some where because of all the experiences in his life is either condemning or expecting an ideal world, the imagined world in his mind. He may call it even as oneness according to his imaginations.

What he may probably be missing is the understanding that, this world is complete by itself and hence, no matter however hard he may TRY, he can only have it in his imagination and that can never be a reality.

Once it is evident that it is just a dream, all the building blocks just crumble down and once again, finds himself holed up in the well of emotions. Emotions are the greatest impediments in knowing the truth, if one gets influenced by them.

What happens with a realist ? Does he have a royal ride ? Invariably, it is the other way around. He may have had his own share of all the unpleasant experiences. He probably doesn't succumb to the effects instead uses them to switch on his exploration of the mind.

Lucky enough and blessed, gets guided by the guru. That brings about the turn as meditation and realizes the stupidity that was nurtured by him to see an ideal world when everything is complete by itself. This is when, once the scary and contradictory world would suddenly shine complimenting and complete in all its grandeur.