Thursday, June 25, 2015

Domain OF The Divine !

When you had to get your leaking pipeline fixed, lets say, your friend or neighbour says there is a plumber who can do it and gives you the contact number. You may verify his credentials from your friend and choose to contact him. When you tried calling him, for whatever reasons, the call doesnt get connected. But after some repeated calls, you do get connected, speak to him and get your leaking pipeline too fixed.

Now, if someone who had called and could not get connected says, "there is no such person at all", we can only call it as his experience but can not deny the existence of such a person. Similarly, for someone who is not in need of a plumber and denying the existence of a plumber itself totally, once again, indicates just the ignorance.

Seeking God is somewhat similar. Until, it becomes your own realization, no matter what others belief or trust is, its not yet yours. But, some people, totally denying the existence of God in the name of non-verifiable is like unable to connect or yet to find the need to connect and hence deny it totally.

Unlike the plumber who is yet another form, connecting to God or consciousness(never disconnected ofcourse) is not with yet another form but the very basic force that has become this form. Internal connectivity as grace re-establishes the entire connectivity not just within but outside too.

There can be no space that is beyond the domain of the divine. Space by itself is backed by consciousness. All that one feels lost or disconnected is purely because of the clouded mind and once grace brings in the wave of clarity and awareness, the stillness shines as silence.

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