Wednesday, April 9, 2008

~ "Adapt Tune" ~

An insight into a dance competition show. Unlike the regular performance where a participant proves his dancing skills to a song selected and well trained for it, here he is expected to dance to the unexpected tunes. The DJ on the set is the creator of the tunes for that moment. The participant on the floor is evaluated as to how well his performance is tuned in to the unexpected rhythms.

"Expect the unexpected" and tune in to be your own self. Thats when the best of performance is unfolded. You dont perform but you just tune in to the rhythms. There is a subtle and yet a vital difference that distinguishes you from the rest. The sense organ, ear, lets the listening happen. The mind accepts the tune and the body adapts to the tune and thats what is called the dance.

Firstly, one needs to be well equipped with the skills and thats what is called confidence. Without a proper knowledge and practice of the skill, one would only turn out to be a laughing stock on the floor. Once the knowledge gained, needs proper application. Thats tuning in and thats wisdom. Just mere exhibiting knowledge is like unable to tune in to the subtlety of the unexpected. Many in real life situations fail to stand up to the unexpected only because the fear of application results in failure. Stops as knowledge but fails to be as wisdom.

Observing the various participants and the comments of the judge, it was interesting to note the major difference, "adapting and tuning in" playing the vital role in the decision making. One of the participant exhibited his dancing prowess extremely well but there was something missing and the judge rightly pointed it out. All the while, it was obvious on his face as whats the next change on the tune and then adapt to it. He was not letting the music flow in and let the dance freak out. He simply didnt enjoy it on the whole and was only keen on exhibiting his performing skills.Yet another participant, had the grace and had let them all flow through him.It was a joy watching him. None could separate the ever changing music with his natural ability to adapt and tune in. The finishing touch was that relaxed body movement which uttered the fulfilment in him.It never appeared as if he was on a competition.

A wonderful insight. Wanting to prove and perform well eludes the joy of just being. Also, not with an attitude of comparing and competing but just tuning in and adapting to whats available lets you to just be. Not necessarily, these need to be applied only for recognition and winning in a competition. But if we understand the spirit of this wonderful show, "adapt and tune in" to just be your own self, then there is no competition.

Lets adapt and tune in to the rhythms of our beloved Creator, the greatest DJ on the floor called world and lets enjoy the dance!


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

yes, it's about letting go!

Merging Point said...

yes swahilya!

fruitu said...

aadi kondar andha vedikkai kaana kan ayiram vendamo!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets adapt and tune in to the rhythms of our beloved creator, good one merging point.

Merging Point said...

arumai, arumai Fruitu!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear mergingpoint, I like your way to find wisdom in every place of daily life. Thank you.

Merging Point said...

Dear Rainer, thank you for your kind comments. Yes, its these daily life situations which throw open the ways to The Divine expression.

Mark said...

I love your observation and how you related it to our life. Yes, when we allow and simply be, there is greater peace, we become the flow. Thanks for your wisdom.

Merging Point said...

Welcome to the blog Mark!
Thank you for your kind comments.