Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Tune in" to "what?"

The ever ongoing topic of accepting everything as it is and discovering "who am i " happened with my friend who was mentioning how he has been really practicing this acceptance and doing all that he can to discover himself.

At one point, i just indicated that the very fact that when one says he has to accept, that means, it obviously indicates that he has drifted and now he is trying to come back and accept everything as it is. The word, "drifted" in no time drifted my friend away from the topic of inquiry and made him share the story of a hilarious movie related with "driftwood". Though i tried once to point his drifting, his mind was gone until he finished narrating the story. I waited patiently for him to return.

Now, what more can we ask for as an example for the ever drifting mind. Moment it knows that one is making a move towards the source, the mind would trick with all its cleverness to pull back the person. Strangely, once again, when it settles down a bit, starts to hunt for the permanence and goes around trying to accept everything. What a hilarious and strenuous game.

When do we need to accept something? Only when we see it as something else other than what it is. Its like dismantling the hands and then fix it back everytime to work fine. How stupid it can be. Hands are just a part of the body and it is totally in harmony with the rest. There is no acceptance from either of them. Only if it is dismantled, then the body once again has to accept the hand when it is fixed back. If body doesnt accept, then the transplant procedure with any organ, heart or kidney or anything gets rejected.

With mind, existence has been so gracious waiting patiently and accepting it so well whenever it has come back from its drifting spree unlike the body which may or may not accept. When it is Nothing, what is even there to tune in unless you remain to be something and then try so hard to tune into nothing.

Nature forever in harmony neither drifts nor accepts but simply remains as nothing. The lotus flower blossoms in the slush and doesnt crib or demands only a fragrant pond to blossom or even claims to have accepted the slush. But, we human beings never miss a moment to complain about this world.

This present moment is the most precious jewel to be adorned, doesnt dazzle like diamond for everyone to see but bestows the greatest fulfillment that no diamond can ever come near to it. Awareness is that string that holds the present moment and Nothing is the best jewellery of the divine. Grace is His shop to seek.

Seek ye the grace of a Guru !!

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