Friday, April 10, 2015

Belief To Being !

When someone who was religious and believing in God happens to explore the terrain of spirituality invariably comes across some hilarious incidents, especially from the strong believers of God. One such moment was from a christian priest. Though a good hearted man, he could not relate or understand or accept that a believer of god cannot forsake Him.

Out of sheer wanting to understand the logic behind it, he asked me, "How can you leave God?". I could only afford to laugh silently within me  because i know its arising out of ignorance and there is a genuine wanting to know. I replied saying, "Who can leave whom?. Is it ever possible for such a thing to happen, me leaving god or god leaving me?". After explaining, he atleast did not defend his staunch belief concept but was willing to peep into such possibility. Ofcourse a rare few only do that.

As a kid, we never knew that we had a heart or for that matter any organ as such. But, as we grew up, at a certain stage, we either studied or someone in whom we trusted said we have a heart and we live only till it functions. Moment it stops, we are dead. So, we believed that there is a heart and it is the one for us to be alive. At various levels of growing up stages, we started to gain more and more knowledge about heart and experience it too. Now, as adult, we no longer ride on the wheels of belief. We simply know it as a part of us. That does not mean we deny its existence. We neither believe any longer nor we deny. There is something beyond these two, believing and denying and probably, we may call it as realizing the presence of heart and its vital function related with our living. They are simply intertwined.

Probably i  could only relate this example to some extent of someone moving from belief to Being. In believing, you separate yourself from "That" which needs to be believed. In Being, you realize "That" which was never separate and you are just a part of "That". Belief is based on someone's experience. Being is your own realization.

In the example of heart and myself, where the heart has not become you but just continues to be a part of your body, But, when it comes to God and you, the belief would always keep you separated. In realizing, the beauty unveils the truth as it is God who has become you and hence you remain just being. Where is the question of you leaving God ?

Divine grace in the form of Guru as awareness unveils the Divine play. You simply abide in gratefulness.

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