Saturday, March 14, 2015

Burn The Rubber !!

Journey to everywhere or anywhere begins with filling the fuel. Contemplating further on this "Fuel" and relating the "Journey on road" to 'Journey to nowhere", it is quite interesting to note certain insights.

Undoubtedly, the vehicle would not move an inch with out fuel. But, have you thought, just by filling the fuel does the vehicle move?. No. It is in the burning of the fuel which gets converted into energy and enables the movement of the vehicle. That clearly indicates that the stored fuel no longer remains as it is but only in its burning, the energy is gained.

Relating the same concept with fuel to knowledge, one can see the insight. Just as knowledge stored, there can be no application in this world as wisdom. Just as the fuel tank, the mind too stores it as knowledge and probably, the human being is referred to as a scholar. Only when knowledge is applied and converted into wisdom, the journey to nowhere happens. Till then, the mind is only a store house.

Application as awareness may probably be related to the man on steering. Simply sitting on the seat is not going to lead one anywhere even if the tank is full. Likewise, if the mind filled with knowledge if not used rightly can meet with an accident and land up else where than the destination.

Every stage of this wonderful journey reveals the importance of every stage until there is no more but just be ! Journey goes on ...

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