Sunday, August 3, 2014

Realist vs Idealist !

When you are an idealist
The whole creation contradicts

When you are a realist
The whole creation compliments.

So, one thing is glaring on our face called perception. In both, the creation seems to remain same. Thankfully, we have not divided different creators for the difference in creation, so one creator solves the dispute.

Idealist - It is not that he doesn't belong to this existence but some where because of all the experiences in his life is either condemning or expecting an ideal world, the imagined world in his mind. He may call it even as oneness according to his imaginations.

What he may probably be missing is the understanding that, this world is complete by itself and hence, no matter however hard he may TRY, he can only have it in his imagination and that can never be a reality.

Once it is evident that it is just a dream, all the building blocks just crumble down and once again, finds himself holed up in the well of emotions. Emotions are the greatest impediments in knowing the truth, if one gets influenced by them.

What happens with a realist ? Does he have a royal ride ? Invariably, it is the other way around. He may have had his own share of all the unpleasant experiences. He probably doesn't succumb to the effects instead uses them to switch on his exploration of the mind.

Lucky enough and blessed, gets guided by the guru. That brings about the turn as meditation and realizes the stupidity that was nurtured by him to see an ideal world when everything is complete by itself. This is when, once the scary and contradictory world would suddenly shine complimenting and complete in all its grandeur.

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