Monday, July 14, 2014

Journey Of Awareness !

Sign board -- Pointer for a direction or a just a word to describe or simply some jumbled meaningless letters ? Seem to be ringing different bells to different people though it is just the same one word or a sentence.

May be, it is just not about the pointer but also the one who sees it. For someone as a passerby, it would come across as meaningless if that person has no clue of it. For someone in search of that place, it would be a great aid. For someone who had known the description of the word but not looking for its destination, it would just be an additional information. For someone who is blind, the pointer itself doesn't exist.

One of the most vital aspect, for someone who is loaded with information and description of words of that place of search can be totally misguiding if the pointer does not have the exact word of description in his mind bank. In all probability, he would simply rule it out as a pointer to some other place unless he is open to enquire and explore.

If this is what can be for the senses, wonder how much more it can get complicated for something which can not be understood by the senses but can only be realized. The only consolation is no matter where and who and when it is, everything is already in IT, so nothing is out of place but only a part.

How can one possibly deny the existence of divinity no matter what it is ? Claiming something as the destination and denying the rest is just nothing but ignorance. Isn't it not the journey by itself and not some unknown destination ?

Whatever seem to have contradicted in creation turns out to compliment each other and there is nothing more to add or delete. Just the perception differs when true awakening happens to the ever throbbing divinity as creator, creation and the rest.

As a confused person, the pointer, as words of wisdom acts as a trigger creating a ripple in the mind of concepts and when contemplation unfolds and clarity bestowed, the ripple settles as crystal clear mind. As awareness, the stillness of mind starts to reflect as it is....

What might have begun as a journey doesn't have a destination but continues as awareness.

Abiding in gratefulness, awareness continues..........

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