Thursday, May 8, 2014

Joy Of Discovery !

Looking at one of my display pictures, a friend of mine asked if it was that fragrant jasmine flower. I told him, "Yes, its one of those  intense fragrant variety". He replied asking if it is the one which is a double decker kind, has two levels and it can be separated ? It was news to me though its been there for a longtime and i am familiar with this flower from childhood, i didnt know about it.

I immediately brought one flower from the pot and was surprised to see i could separate them. The exploration didnt stop there and noticed that one more level could be separated and yes, finally there were three levels of individual flowers. It appeared as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Each separated one was complete by itself as a flower and yet, all three so beautifully connected in one and created as one fragrant jasmine flower. Amazing are the creations of the creator !

Now, the beauty is the ignorance and the pointer that reveals the creations game. Simply believing it as just one flower and never ever had gone closer to inspect and explore, one tends to live in the illusions of one's own mind's projections. The trust in the friend's saying, him acting as a pointer leads to self exploration and discover the already existing truth. What a beauty !!

I could connect this live example only to my beloved Master and relate to the unfolding of truth. How so ignorantly we tend to get absorbed in our own beliefs and never even explore. Cemented in our beliefs, we prefer to lay there in the graveyard. Few with their availability to his grace, when pointed by the Master, explore the terrains never been tread before.

The joy of gratitude brings in the brightest smile with no words spoken. Today's post could not have happened if not for the pointer from you, my friend. You had already explored and graciously pointed to the truth to the ignorant.

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