Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kolam Of Life !

A traditional hindu ritual that adorns every door step is kolam. Simple beautiful art that keeps the entrance bright and beautiful. The first thing done on waking up is to clean the entrance, sweep and mop, then draw this simple art form with rice powder called kolam. It is said that the reason why rice powder is used is to feed the ants which may visit. The significance of kolam brings in auspiciousness and therefore from simple to much elaborated, kolams find place in festivals, marriages and any occasion.

Basically kolam consists of both dots and a line that connects them. Filling up the drawn patterns with various colours or flowers is done on special occasions to make it more brighter and beautiful. Everyday ritual consists usually of a simple dots kolam.

Take a look at this kolam. If you keenly observe, you would notice the dots. First the dots are placed and then the line is connected.

Let us assume if one stops with just placing the dots, then it would remain as some scattered dots and never would get that feel of completeness and beauty. But when connected with a line, one would see the emergence of kolam in all its splendour.

Relating to life, it is so similar. Seen just as dots -people, incidents etc, it leaves one confused and puzzled. But when benediction is bestowed to see the unseen chord of consciousness connecting all the dots, wow!! Kolam of life shines in the heart of your shrine.

Every kolam is complete by itself however small it may be, like every incident or every moment. But the beauty is every tiny kolam has the potential possibility to be expanded into unknown yet another kolam. So is it with every moment, complete by itself yet ever expanding with the uninterrupted connectivity.

Exploring into that unknown kolam of life as it gets expanded is all about living. Flowing with the life line chord called consciousness, uninterrupted it goes on and never it would miss a moment of this colourful Kolam of life. Combination of both the dark and lighter shades only make it even more colourful, similar to the dark and lighter side of life events. Imagine one singular colour and what a dull look it may be.

Our rich culture has never failed to impart the beauty of reality. Its always fresh and new kolam that adorns the doorstep every day. This goes to show how important it is to be in the present. However beautiful it may be, the old one is cleared to give way for the new. Yet another moment to explore the expanded connectivity of divinity.

Not necessarily only a monk in a monastery in a meditative way has to perform a "Mandala". Every individual has a choice to begin his day in the most meditative way if only one does not confine oneself to just rituals but becomes aware of the essence of it and rises beyond the monotony.

Whether a conch or a lotus in kolam, the kolam of life would remain silently shining.

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