Friday, June 28, 2013

Asking To Attuning !

As a kid, we are taught the alphabets. Then moving on further the words are formed using the same alphabets. From letters to words it begins but later we master the art of deciphering the letters from the words even unknown. It just indicates the inter-connectedness.

Similarly, life experiences begin with a lot of asking with "Why, What and When ? ". Understanding them all from the realm of the mind seems challenging and the only mission of this birth. It might comprise of simple ones to the most complicated. Eventually and invariably with all the explanations derived from various minds, it becomes an additional burden of just information. Rare few life experiences leave one with the attitude for exploring further.

One such most vital one is "meeting the master ". Again, here too the asking does not stop but there is definitely a shift in that asking. One more set of information and the mind is stuck, then it is doomed. But if the asking leads to the unlearning, the pathless-path shines brighter and the mind jumps into the zone of exploring breaking free from the boundaries of fear, insecurity and what not.

All along, if one keenly notices, the asking slowly thins down to just attuning. This can not be DONE but can only be graced by Him. One can sit for meditation for hours and hours and continue different techniques and practices for years and years. Unless one is available to the grace, the nectar of divine eludes. Graced, the ocean of divinity is unstoppable.

Bridging the gap of asking to attuning and transforming knowledge into wisdom, may we seek His ever abundant grace and never miss a moment to be available.

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