Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Freedomfull Fun !

Waking up this morning to the melody of an unknown bird, the urge to rush to watch the bird itself live was totally missing. Momentfull listening to the unchained melody of an unknown bird was only there. From just some listening it was indeed a well listening which can be refined in term as tuning -in.

Freedom felt so immensely even from the desire to know or watch the bird brought insights into our simple everyday living. Nothing wrong in going for watching or knowing the bird, but simply listening to it fully first has its own powerful insights. Some moments later, the song of the bird no longer could be heard and the longing to hear it too was not there at all. May be this is what utter completeness is all about, i felt.

A friend once mentioned as "Freebird" when asked whats happening. Meant the rest of family members are away and so that person said as freebird. Its common usage to say like that meaning no liabilities or responsibilities but just all by oneself.

Watching a bird flying, we never ever associate its responsibilities hidden beneath its wings. It also searches for food, builds nest, lays eggs and the process goes on. But none of these seem to burden the flight though they are right there as a part of it, hidden to our sights. What is that makes them superior or special to enjoy that freedom despite the same responsibilities that seem to tag them too? Deeper pondering reveals the mind's game in a human being and unveils the illusion.

Freedomfull fun as i may wish to call is an exclusive package to every human being. Taste of freedom takes you higher and higher as a flight of the bird and never would let the responsibilities burden your flight. Rather, they remain hidden right beneath our own wings. Greater the responsibilities, lighter the flight, it seems, simply because of that freedomfull fun.

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