Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year Wishes !

Every seed essentially
a potential tree
The seed bursts open to reveal
and become the tree

The tree is just an expression
of the tremendous dormant
potential of the unmanifested

Manifested as tree
mind blowing to the world
Unmanifested as seed
goes unnoticed to many
The few chosen know
the potential.

Born as a seed
blossoming as the tree
In this soil of body
blessed it is indeed.

Let the grace bestow
the best of soil
and all the support
for the blossoming to happen.

May the seed be known
May the knowing become the Being
May the tree of awareness
Stand tall and remain grateful
To the ever existing existence.

Wishing all my beloved ones
Nothing less than the bursting open
Of this eternal truth
buried in one's own self.

Happy New Year !!


Anonymous said...


Thank you,


Merging Point said...

Welcome Dan!

Miruh said...

Beautiful! Happy New Year to you and yours,may it bring peace and light in all areas of your life.


Merging Point said...

Thankyou Miruh! wishing you much more in the years to