Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Everyday, the pigeons come to drink the water kept in a bowl in the balcony. They take a sip or a dip sometime and sit for a while and take off. Recently, one day, i noticed one pigeon, trying to pull the dried twigs from the base of the palm tree, succeeded sometimes and took it along and came back swiftly to continue in its mission. So it was obvious it is building the nest. But what brought the turn is amazing. After its  trial with palm tree, it moved on to the other pot which had small flowering plant. Though there were no dried twigs for it to collect, it started to pull the fresh green twigs and since it is a small plant, the whole plant was almost getting uprooted. Since the roots were pretty strong , it could not succeed but had done enough damage to shake it . It didnt stop there but now continued to the next level with its intention to collect the twigs to build its nest. Now, it focused on the tip and was trying to nib it, still could not get them, finally flew away.

Watching this unfolding of an unusual action by a small bird, i was wondering if one has to name it, what would it be? Call it selfish to the extent of even uprooting a plant or just look at it as an innate built in system to build its nest? Am not sure about the naming of the act but one thing strikes me at this point is, more than the act itself, it is the naming that arises out of judgement that causes all the trouble.

From the bird's point of view, it was just collecting the material to the best of its ability. From the plant's point of view, it was put into suffering by continuous shaking and uprooting. It is like the death of the plant provides the base(twigs) for the birth of another's life. May be, thats the way the wheel of existence goes on. who knows.

Somewhat similar is with people who consider themselves greater when they are pure vegetarians. Greens are totally uprooted in some cases and finds its place in the platter with a golden crown.(the most nutritious)
It is the death of the plant that nourishes the life of another. Sounds terrible, isnt it?? even if it is the fact. Killing an animal for food is accepted as cruel but not a plant. How strange are the ways of the mind??

It is not about vegetarians or non-vegetarians who is purer or who is cruel, but why cant we just look at it as food and stop judging. Who are we to pass on judgement on anything? Existence knows better and just allow it to function as it is meant to be. Not just with food, everything in our day to day life, probably gets crucified once brought under this system of judgement. It is not just about what we judge, it is all about our own suffocation of concepts.

Shall we free ourselves from this suffocation by simply not judging but simply seeing them all as it is?


ZenPresence said...

Different way of looking at the vegetarian vs. carnivore issue. That gives me some food for thought. Thanks,


Merging Point said...

Welcome to the blog, ZenPresence!

Yes, its all about perception and more importantly about judgement too.

Thanks for your presence and comment here and am glad its been a trigger.



Anonymous said...

Hello Merging Point,

The thread of this post is certainly interesting food for thought. When we live with the awareness that life just is, we see how we create our world.

Merging Point said...

"When we live with the awareness that life just is," -- Well said Miruh! That is the essence.

Thankyou for your gracious insightful presence...:)