Saturday, August 4, 2012

~ The Inner Power Chord ~

In India, its very common to experience the power failure, regular scheduled power cuts etc. Now, to call it a curse or name it a blessing or simply go with it is purely one's own state of mind.

What it would be if everything is planned and executed as scheduled without any interruptions? absolutely heavenly? may be so, it may sound and appear too. But over a period, if we look closely, the extent of non functioning of the mind in the areas of creativity, adaptability and attunement will be revealed. Next the alarming bell will ring loudly if any slight disruption happens in the planning.

Watching this episode of power cuts and its effects on human beings, it is very interesting to study the different aspects of  the ever mysterious mind. In some cities, they have scheduled power cuts and so people are used to fit in their power requirements and functioning accordingly. So here too certain planning goes on to fit in with known changes. But, the beauty begins with regions where there is absolutely no clue about the time schedule of power cuts. One never knows when it will be cut and when it would be revived. Now, this can really topple one's day especially if one is more dependent on power.

Handling the same situation of unknown, unscheduled power cuts, the perception of each individual can be seen vividly. This can be one of the greatest tests to just check one's availability to the moment. A person who always invariably living in fear and doubt tends to keep murmuring(it may go now) and thinking of the future(anytime possibility of the power cut) even as he keeps doing things in the present moment where the power is very much available. This is a very clear indication of missing the moment. Whereas, some may just keep doing things according to the power availability and would simply adapt to the situation when its no longer there too. There is no fear or hurry in the activity. There is only adaptability simply because that mind is simply totally in the moment and hence its available to the present moment as it is. This has nothing to do with success or failure. The job to be completed may not happen but then it has no influence on the individual.

Life by itself is nothing but full of uncertainty and thats what i feel makes it full of fun. But, it is one's attitude towards it that makes the difference. For some life is nothing but all the time fighting with it but for few its nothing but fun.

So next time when such uncertainties strike us, lets us be clear that no powercut can topple us if only the power within us remains connected well. One needs to check the power chord connection within and not be bothered with the cut in power outside. So lets get our inner power chord rooted well. When there is no cut within, then no outside cut, call it power or anything can shake us. After all, all the fun games outside us is only again and again to take us within and point to the ever existing eternal truth.


Michele said...

I totally agree that it's the uncertainty of life that keeps it fresh and exciting. But as you stated, people who live in fear (worry about the future) are unavailable to the present moment, where all the magic happens.

Adaptability does seem to be in short supply these days due to an excess of fear and the need for control. Hopefully, you inspired at least a few people to examine the beauty of your point of view. Thanks for sharing it.

Merging Point said...

"unavailable to the present moment, where all the magic happens." -- so true! Mind mobbed by factors of future and past, misses the moment here and now.

Appreciate your sharing too Michelle.