Monday, May 7, 2012

Starting or Stagnant Point

Who am i
to build walls around
and call  it "The ONLY"
worshiping place
so you mean to say
the rest is a war-ship place?

who am i
to sanctify the space
as sacred than the rest

try to confine my Being
to that limitedness
calling it as auspicious
am i not ignorant??
to ignore the rest

If Gods can be limited
who am i???
bigger than Him??

Let it probably be
the starting point
for the journey to nowhere begin

but let it not become
the stagnant point
and remain forever
within confinement

The beloved Divine
all over everywhere
move on people
be ready to break-free
there is much more to JUST BE!


Driftwood Chronicles said...

The journey as if
begins at some point
and then end
at another point

Growth, achievement
evolution and success,
always scheming for
some magical progress

to capture, attain,
reach or achieve
with views, opinions
in what you perceive

The truth with no
beginning or end,
has been mired with
a destiny to defend

Upon the arrival and
looking back in awe
at the destination and
can one see the flaw

There actually is no path,
journey or even destination
where to start, how to end
no stillness nor stagnation

Merging Point said...

yes indeed!! i watched the writing unfold with the concept of a special Prayer room or Puja room. Generally,its there one begins(atleast it appears like that) to start worshiping God.

ofcourse, by the grace one realizes as you said it all....

"There actually is no path,
journey or even destination
where to start, how to end
no stillness nor stagnation"

Thankyou for your gracious presence in sharing.

Liara Covert said...

Everything is nudging pure consciousness to recognize itself. Always appreciate silence and gaps as well as words that point toward them.

Merging Point said...

Dear Liara!

Consciousness does not have to recognize itself though most of the times we mistake it to be. It just remains as it is.

It is the Ego which realizes the consciousness. The silence, gaps, and words, all belong to the ego as pointers, when it realizes the connectivity to its own source, the consciousness.

Thankyou for your presence and sharing too..:)