Saturday, April 28, 2012

~ Moment Of Being ~

Only the movement
as running from pillar to post
endlessly running
to a known destination

Only the sitting
like a dead body
numb and dumb
to all thats happening around

Is there a moment
even in the movement
or a deadly stillness
thats alive and untouched

May be a loud "YES"
to feel it alive
awareness as it is said
to simply BE it

Not a moment missed in movement(action)
not a moment missed in sitting(inaction)
for the very base exists
as the force behind both


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Awareness itself, the spanda of becoming and being.

Love how these words flow.


Merging Point said...

yes Miruh, first as Being(unmanifested) and then as Knowing and Doing(manifested).

Thankyou for being here.