~ Simply I AM...~

Alive it stood
tall and beautiful
uprooted and rested
remains dried and dead

Wonder if it matters
really to IT
alive or dead
appears not for IT

To the world it mattered
as a name as palm tree
as a purpose so many
to IT, i wonder....

Its human who named IT
who saw purpose in IT
not just when alive
but even in its death

Uprooted to build home
for his race called human
all along the mind in play
searching for purpose

Oh my dear human
said the palm finally
when would you see
that which cant be seen

Alive or dead
i remain as i am
no purpose no mind
yet appear as its meant to be

Can time and space
limit my being
am glad have no mind
to bury my being!

(Contemplations on watching the palm trees being uprooted to make space for a huge apartment to be built)


Anonymous said…
I love your contemplation; everything that happens in daily life is a point for returning to the Source.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Merging Point said…
"everything that happens in daily life is a point for returning to the Source."------- yes Miruh! and have you observed the point for returning to source by His grace slowly expands to seeing it from source.
Its like from the point of the presence to the person it happens.

Thankyou for your wonderful presence here.

Merging Point said…
:)....yes Liara. thankyou for your gracious presence here.

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