Monday, March 26, 2012

~ Masterly Maid ~

She works as a maid for her living and not just in one house but couple of them too. That clearly explains the need for the money. Yet recently, when she happened to narrate an incident in her life, it had powerful insights which were not necessarily known to her. Surprisingly, we come across many who can be so eloquent and well versed to explain something but when it comes to living fail miserably to live the same.

Some years back, when she had taken up a new house to work as a maid, she noticed some change(money) on the floor and promptly picked it up and gave it to the lady in the house. She thought by mistake it must have fallen down and they may not have noticed it. But to her surprise, when she noticed the same thing happening for the next couple of days, she realized that it is not by mistake the money has fallen down but the owners are just checking if she is trustworthy. So without getting offended, she picked up the change and while giving it back to them, politely said,"i understand your fear because some of the maids do indulge in stealing. But you dont have to worry because if i need money, i will come and ask you. i dont believe in stealing. So from tomorrow onwards you need not drop the changes on the floor".

What better way to understand the world and the people. Most importantly, i felt, without going on a ego trip, handling it so wisely, looking at it from all perspective and just dealing it direct and yet polite. Amazing!

To top it, she was saying to me that "I have food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to rest, why should we steal. Only difference, i am somewhat lesser than them in riches, so what. whats needed for me is provided and if i need anything, then i would ask, why to steal. But some do it and thats why they tend to see all maids like that".

Look at the contentment and clarity in that simple expression. While many who own an apartment , have 5 meals a day, safe bank balance might still live longing for more and more and always living in fear and future, this lady remarkably is an exception and someone to look upto.

My past two years of association with her has been immensely insightful and amazing to watch the balanced state of mind despite the ups and downs in her life. (recently lost her husband). Endless moments to witness with this wonderful being is indeed truly a blessing.

Once while sharing my moments with her to my Master, he aptly named her as "Masterly Maid". She indeed deserves that title though she doent know or may not even understand. While many understand well but fail to live, here is one who simply lives!!


Liara Covert said...

Wise story. It is said that the more one has, the more insecure one becomes. It is also said that the more you fear losing something, the faster you'll lose it. The less attached you are to things, people and the material world, the less you are offended, bothered or distracted from core peace of mind and total acceptance.

Merging Point said...

This is so true Liara! Invariably such fears and signs of discontenment predominantly seem to exist with people who have a weak mind which can be easily influenced by the outside.