Monday, March 12, 2012


"Humble"- even pronouncing the word gives a soft touch feel. Though there may be many many situations to refer and reconnect to this humbleness, one such incident leaves me speechless and comes instantly to my memory whenever i happen to think. So just sharing that moment of insight here.

We were on a spiritual camp and as volunteers, some of us were assigned to serve the Master in various ways. Myself along with another volunteer were asked to take care of the kitchen services.The lunch kit used to serve the master was taken by me but was kept in another volunteer's room who was taking care of serving the master. After the camp, i forgot to collect the kit and on our way back, the moment i noticed had informed the camp site where some of them were still there.

Next morning, i get a call from my kitchen partner(volunteer) saying, "let me apologise for not reminding you to take the master's kit". For a moment i became speechless, firstly for that humbleness and secondly, the sincerity with which it take came from the heart. Though a very brief conversation followed that sentence, it triggered into contemplation.

Most of us generally would have said,"you forgot to take the kit and i have taken and sent it".
Some of us might say," did you forget anything? ohk, now its taken and sent".
Some more," I noticed master's kit and thought you may have forgotten. So took and sent it".
Yet another few,"I knew she would forget to take. see it happened exactly". (invariably, such comments can be heard at the back of the actual person). But, it could be the really least of the lot like my fellow volunteer who may come up with such touching words that arise from the heart and thats what humbleness is all about, i felt.

Ofcourse the various other options that emerge instantly from each one of us is only an indication to the state and connectivity of the mind. Its wonderful to expand on each reply to just to know the nuances of the mind. Numb to the Being, the mind can express in its utmost gross and disconnected levels.

Whereas when awareness is bestowed, the clarity shines in its expression and would never let the mind reside in its ego and explode. Instead rooted in one's own self, the way it unfolds whether in words or in action is a beauty to watch and be grateful not just with one's own self but even with others blossoming. The portal of unfoldment is one and the same source, just that, expressions may differ.

May i remain eternally grateful to my beloved Master to realize such happenings within me and around me. May i also thank him for letting me come into contact with such wonderful beings like my fellow volunteer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Merging Point,

I like this, "The portal of unfoldment is one and the same source, just that, expressions may differ."

How we communicate and how we interpret what is communicated, all the play of light and shadow of the Maha Matrika Shakti.

Thanks for sharing this, awareness of the play of Consciousness.


Merging Point said...

Yes Miruh, watching our own communication and interpretation are great tools.

Thank you for your presence here..


Anonymous said...

hi my name is arrogance. I dont care whether you give me permission. but the truth is both of us exist as manifestation whether you like it or not

Merging Point said...

" I dont care whether you give me permission." ----

Excuse me, you need to approach the Gazette. Seem to be lost.

"but the truth is both of us exist as manifestation whether you like it or not" ----

There is nothing to like or dislike and its just manifestation and nothing else, be it whatever.

"hi my name is arrogance." -- So be it! but if i had to call you may be it would be " Confused Crazy"

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Humility, As your younger brother i was just high lighting the "opposite view " nothing more which means your view is one half and my posting was another half(it is complete)
Your Loving younger brother

Merging Point said...

Dear Brother Arrogance!

Without night, where is the day?
Without ignorance, where is wisdom?

may your wish to compliment each other as arrogance and humility, as bro and sis aptly named by you to express the completeness -- so be it!!!

but,i wonder if anything could limit us, at the same time to know the completeness , lets have some fun with attributes.

Glad to know existence has a silent loving younger brother...anonymously..:)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know existence has a silent loving younger brother...anonymously..:)

"The saying missing the woods for the trees is apt here"

the brother and sister are manifestations i.e same existence manifests as brother & sister. therefore it is inappropriate to mention Glad ...........

nothing wrong in having fun with attributes but it is also important to recognize the other also as a attribute. which was the purpose of my posting.

Merging Point said...

It was just meant as glad to meet you here....

Ofcourse yes, having understood your purpose of the posting only said as having fun with attributes, that doesnt mean only certain attributes.

also, in the post, you may have noticed that its all about connectivity and disconnectivity with one's own self that gets expressed variously at different times. Our expressions are like pointers to our own connectivity or disconnectivity and its got nothing to do with right or wrong concept.