Saturday, January 14, 2012


Have you ever thought or observed this process called "blossoming". let us ponder a little deeper into that beyondness of the expression, beauty!

A beautiful flower, indeed when its all open and emanating fragrances all around or just simply being there. But, neither the tree knows of a potential bud nor the bud knows about its own blossoming. Yet its all happening.

One may choose to observe a bud as closely as possible and yet may fail to pin point the exact time of every petal unfolding into its open space. Simply it is beyond the time. Its there simply available to existence, just that its not aware of it.

what can possibly happen when awareness is bestowed in this process? Do we get to unfold each petal and plan it and place it as you wish? that would be probably the most kiddish idea. we can possibly have a world of game with tons and tons of ideas but wonder if any of them could ever take us anywhere near to what it is.

Techniques and theories can help us to a certain extent in just enabling to touch the platform. But from thereon, unless the same is dropped, the very same becomes the biggest trap ever possible. Thats when we come across people struggling and holding their heads, not knowing what to do . The mind is so used and finds it easy to do something or follow something but to remain simply available becomes the huge task. The bud is simply available.

Its that simple availability that opens the door for grace to enter and let the blossoming happen.
A tree unlike a human being is not moving around with a mind. Existence has made it remain in one place with no mind. Unfortunately, we the human beings , firstly need to come to that stillness of the mind and therefore the techniques have been compassionately deviced by our great sages.

Remain truly grateful to all thats happening to you with out any discrimination. Personally speaking, the ultimate blessing for a disciple is to come into contact with a Master and from thereon, simply remain available to him. The bud is bound to blossom.

Instead, if one keeps accumulating ideas and information even after coming into contact with the Master, it only reflects the kiddish idea of executing the unfolding of petals. Transformation happens when we remain simply as a bud and keep ourselves available to Him. Mysteries are not for the logical minds. Connectivity happens, it can not be dissected to find the two points . There is no plug, there is no socket yet it happens. Thats His grace.

Blow away the ideas, drop the some, remain the being!


Anonymous said...

Love this,
"Blow away the ideas, drop the some, remain the being!"

Knowing when to let go is also part of the blossoming.All in the hands of the grace of the master.


Merging Point said...

Indeed Grace of the Master!

Simply to remain utterly grateful is all thats required. One can not do it. It has to spring from the bottom of your heart.

Thankyou Miruh! yes, even i loved that line which just happened..:)