Sunday, August 21, 2011

~ Freedom ~

Neither a victim of your
own ignorance
Nor a victim of
someone else's ignorance
Clarity that clears the path
paves the way to just be
letting the unfolding happen
as its meant to be
Responding in awareness
to the needs of the moment
Rejecting none, accepting none
simply being available to the One!
Oh!! what a freedom
Indeed it is....


Anonymous said...

O how I needed to hear this one today! Thanks for the inspirational reminder to come back to the moment, to all that there is.

Such beauty in these words of wisdom,
thank you.


Merging Point said...

Dear Miruh!
its a wonder, the way it got expressed as a post and here you are with your expression.

Existence, once again marvelling in its play...whatelse to say!

Have a blast being back on track :)


Have a blast

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

A quiet verse, nice one!

Merging Point said...

Yes Swahilya, quietly IT wished to voice itself as verse..:)

Cliff said...

Great words of wisdom for us to ponder. Man is truly blessed!

Merging Point said...

Thankyou Cliff! Indeed man is truly blessed for this realization is the exclusive gift of existence to him.