Tuesday, July 26, 2011

~ Unveiling ~

A beautiful story that i heard and i would like to share it here.

A lady walks into the market and was astonished to see a man carving a fish out of a huge log of wood. She just could not believe her eyes and stops to strike a conversation with him. She asks him if its ok to talk to him and the man says its perfectly fine. So, she asks him,"how is it you are able to carve this fish without even a picture or a model infront of you". The man replies," I am a fisherman and i am only removing that which is not the fish. The fish unveils on its own."

Oh, My!! what a simple pointer yet so powerful !

All that one needs to do is to be aware of who you are and just keep removing that which you are not. Rest reveals by its ownself. You do nothing. Adi Sankara keeps reminding the same process with "Neti, neti".(not this, not this)


Anonymous said...

Hello Mergingpoint,

This is an excellent teaching story to illustrate, "Neti, neti."

Keep it simple and all will be revealed. Just be...Thanks for the beautiful reminder.


Merging Point said...

No beating around the bush, no big fuss, no frills...beauty of this play!!
Thankyou for your presence Miruh!

Acharya Vasudha said...

Amazing how simple anecdotes like these have such a "quickening power" and impact the mind deeply. Thank you for sharing this one. :-)

Merging Point said...

Yes Vasuda! simple and straight..Thankyou for being here.

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Reminds me of the Tamil film song, Kallukkulle Sirpam Thoongi Kidakkum Adhai Uli Vandhu Thatti Thatti Ezhuppum||
(the sculpture sleeps within the stone and the chisel keeps tapping and wakes it up!)
and another favourite song which has a touch of Zen: En mel vizhundha Mazhaithuliye, Ithanai Naalai Engirundai - The rain drop that fell on me, where were you all these days?!

Merging Point said...

Both are such wonderful songs!
Ullin vizhil pattathe aga olli(innerlight)

The second song lyrics are the classic example of awareness.

Thankyou Swaha for seeing and sharing the insights in the songs. :)