Saturday, May 8, 2010

~ UnKnown ~

"ur blog is amazing! who wrote all the stuff that is put up? "

The most beautiful and contemplative comment i have ever received. A young body with a fearless mind, springing and flowing like a natural stream with no reservations, no inhibitions.....

"who wrote?" -- to claim as i wrote is ignorance, to deny that i didn't write is also not correct. Then what is it?.....mmmm, may be doesn't it sound like 'who am i?" to claim that I am the body or mind is ignorance, similarly to deny them too is ignorance. It is both and beyond too.

The writing happened by the body and the thoughts happened in the mind, sprung from the connectivity with the source. When the mind is connected with the source in the depths of silence, the flow happens and reveals as an expression of writing, if it wishes so. else, remains exclusive, the unknown to the known.

When the individual lets this happening flow like a pure stream, without any disconnectivity, the fragrance is bound to emanate. It is not only with writing that happens, even while we read others that sprung from the source, it is the same experience. The base is the connectivity and the one common is the source.

Of course, just like the source in so many bodies, each form has a distinguished feature.The touch of the individual may probably be referred to as the style. That's how, each one of us may seem to have a distinct style of writing or for that matter anything else too.

Awareness is the key to this entire process, if you may wish to call it so. there is no deadlines, no competitions, none to be impressed, not even the desire to write all that springs..that's the beauty! just allowing it to flow as it wishes too...

A wonderful learning graced by The Master, grateful to Him!


Simply Spiritual said...

I am the paper
On which the ink flows
Through the pen
Guided by the fingers' grip
Part of the body
Moved by thoughts
Powered by the electricity
From the abundant reserve
Of the Brahman
When the plug point
Is securely fixed.
I am all this
And more and none.
- Swahilya Shambhavi.

Merging Point said...

what a wisdom swahilya! just that we need to give credit to the computer too for all the work done...just kidding...


Mark said...

You aptly describe my experience of writing. I often find that the thoughts and words simply flow. I marvel at what my fingers have typed out and then I say thank-you for I know that it source that has guided me and that I am but a channel.

Merging Point said...

mmmm...yes Mark! one can only marvel when that true connectivity happens..
and i suppose, thats why i find such intense connectivity while reading your posts too..
Thankyou for sharing your experience.

Michele said...

I love the way you expressed a sentiment that I have often had. Claiming inspired work as "mine" seems wrong but someone has to be named for credit! I have termed myself as an open vessel for spirit. Thank you for "your" insight. :)

Merging Point said...

Dear Michele

"someone has to be named for credit!"---- Agree and disagree too..:)

Agree coz yes just for the record, the name the form is identified and thro which the expression happened gets registered.

Disagree coz i feel, it is only some(form) in That One and to claim it all as someone, may not be apropriate.

Words do fail us when it comes to the nuances of the unknown! i do understand, just for communication, if tend to call as "open vessel" etc.. Thanks for sharing Michele.