Thursday, May 13, 2010

~ Part ~

A part, indeed!
Part of a family, friends
society, group, organization....
In truth, am i part?
That which began as a creation
to be a part of all these
is bound to depart
when alive or dead...
If so, is there a part
that is never apart
from all the parts of the creation
yes, indeed!
Its neither a part nor apart
yet appears to be a part
only to point to the truth
That is whole and one
as the creator
Creation to feel the part
Creator to realize The One,
The complete one, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Ah the great play of Consciousness! Forgetting we are the whole so we can enjoy being the part, just for the sport of it all.


Merging Point said...

Yes Miruh, the sport of it all....cutely said!