Friday, April 16, 2010

~ Benedictions ~

Blind to the blessings
unwilling to share
walk in selfishness
walk away from The Self!
As pointers to realize
the benediction all around
some do turn within
to share that which
belongs to all and
remain grateful!
Few, no matter, what it is
continue to trek
the terrain of selfishness
engulfed in loneliness...


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

What you see you are
What you are you become
Seeing selfishness and falsehood
That you become
Seeing gratitude moment to moment
Life becomes one grateful flow
In an attitude of gratitude
- Swahilya Shambhavi.

Merging Point said...

wow! so true Swahilya!
All about the change in perception and transformation to the real Self!

Anonymous said...

Hello Merging Point,

Wise words to heed in these times. Drunk on the culture of "me and mine," we have forgotten about Grace and gratitude.

Thanks for these wise words.


Anna said...

Merging Point as always dropping by to read your spiritual poems, and teachings. Hope all is well with you my friend. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

wonderfully expressed Miruh!
Go for to get all the time leads to forgetting that which is ever present and never in need to get...

Merging Point said...

Thankyou Anna! always appreciating your presence here...