Sunday, January 17, 2010

~ Choiceless choice ~

Inspired by a blogger friend's post, here i am expanding on the subject.

Do we really have a choice to choose the kind of people with whom we are more compatible? if only we can, how lovely it would be, may say the minds of many. Starting from the worldly relationships to the spiritual associations, it is a battle that goes on outwardly or quietly suppressed within.

What is the cause for this? a very simple reply,"DESIRE". desire chases satisfaction and satisfaction chases desire. End result, engulfed in the flame of self-centeredness. Any association with such a virus is sure to have its effects. Fever, commonly encountered by almost everyone is a classic example. The virus affected body and mind can represent a thousand shades of reactions and responses. Some people are totally engulfed by the flame of the virus and they lose their own self. One may even have to wonder, just a fever and this person looks like as if he is in his death bed. It is a clear sign of the mind too getting affected by the virus. Strangely, someone on death bed, may still be bubbling with full of liveliness(even without uttering a word) which is again the sign of freedom of the mind from virus. Body and mind are undoubtedly interconnected, yet that which makes the difference in expression is the self-connectedness or self-centerednes.

Virus or no virus, there is always a possibility to remain in the domain of freedom. No one willingly asks for a cancer, but, if bestowed, atleast embrace it lovingly and remain free from its clutches. Similarly, when bestowed with the best health, do not blast it in the flame of self-centeredness but again embrace it lovingly with gratefulness. Sounds easy? but, that's the beauty of the choiceless choice. Nothing comes easily and all that one pays to pave way is to meditate and remain connected with your own self.

Roller-coaster, it is, with ups and downs, choose to be fearless to remain free. Enjoy the moments of freeness with your own self no matter what the outside association may present, bubbly or moody! try not to confine within the walls of desire, however silly or noble it may be.
Move to the expanded vastness of freedom.

Awareness in both the zones is essential. Not to reject anything, like the uninvited virus. One has to be only aware of it and attend to it on the surface of the body and watch it from the mind.

Lets move from self-centeredness to Self-connectedness!


Anonymous said...

I see that self centerdness is part of the process of eventually connecting to All.

For Example, lets say someone is stuck in a community that thinks alike and does every thing the same. It isn't encouraged to be dirrerent. Therefore, in order to seperate from the norms, one approach would be to become militant with what had been established in their lives. To have courage to step out of it, they have to find an independent self that is within. This allows for the self centeredness.

However, imagine that one is in orbit around the self centerdness but has not reached the center. They are caught now in a storm on the periphery of the center and so they are emotional and acting out selfishly. However, as they continue the journey towards the center, one then lets go and redefines the Self. A whole new self is found within one's heart and essence. From this core, one finds the self then that is connected with all other selves.

From this view point, everything we see is a process towards rediscovering our deeper and lighter relationships to our origins.

Merging Point said...

"They are caught now in a storm on the periphery of the center and so they are emotional and acting out selfishly." -- This is exactly the essence conveyed here.
You have wonderfully expanded and explained it too, Natural Moments.

Eventually, everything is indeed a part of the process. without ignorance where is wisdom.

Ignorance observed not just in our ownselves but even in others should enable us only towards that connectedness.

Thankyou Bernie for your wonderful presence here..

Anonymous said...

Hello Merging Point,

You have presented a fitting analogy. We can live with all beings harmoniously if we have no desire to change them but appreciate them for who they are, all expressions of the one Consciousness.

Thanks for these wise words!

Merging Point said...

"Harmony" -- such a wonderful word, neither happy nor sad but something to be with and realize. Nature, presenting the apt fitting for this word.
No desire to change -- a vital one indeed. if at all, one can make an effort to change with one's ownself to be aware of all thats happening.
Thankyou Miruh for your wise comment too.

Mark said...

Very well stated, I love the thought of moving from self centeredness to self connectedness.

Merging Point said...

Thankyou Mark.

Merging Point said...

BTW, it was you, Mark, who inspired me to go for this post. Thankyou Mark!

fruitu said...

Nice post Merging point ...!

Merging Point said...

Thankyou Fruitu.

Anna said...

Merging Point this is very powerful post, I wouldn't know where to start to comment more on it, but you said it all, and I will definitely keep it in mind. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well my friend. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Thankyou Anna! it has always been a pleasure to have you here...

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

The self is the centre which connects everything man, plant, beast, moving and unmoving.....

Merging Point said...

Swahilya - Firstly,there may be misunderstanding of the real Self with the usual identification of the body and mind.

I do not know if the self connects but to my limited understanding it is through the mind that the connectivity happens. The real Self is as it neither connects nor disconnects, it is one and the same.

Here, it was to differentiate the connectivity of the mind to the real Self and the ignorant unreal identification(as my,i ) resulting in selfishness and other ignorances.