Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ Life ~

Can a board game take us on board into the journey  of life? maybe, if you wish to join me in this exploration. Most of us would have come across the board game called, "Life". A group of 5 to 50, kid, teen, adolescent and the adult started to assemble and go for it. An excellent combination of all stages except the old age, good mixture of various states of mind, let me have the opportunity to enjoy and be there to share the experience.

Wonderful creativity in designing the game that has the wheel of Karma as the spinning wheel which decides the move, the birth, the loss and gain, revenge, option to choose the path between two, factors that thrill and disappoint, the turns and twists and above all, the money factor which decides the winner.

A kid is full of excitement right from the start of choosing his pawn to start the spinning first. But, lets not ignore his acceptance when the wheel of spinning decides the players place of seating and beginning. Followed  again is the acceptance to the wealth related with the profession indicated. Watch the thrill, when the wheel lands the one in bumper prizes or wins the stocks. Don't miss the dip when the wheel lands the one in losing the money. But, a positive attitude in him springs forth and assures to regain in the next move. Someone else, may just attribute it to luck.
Endless moments to watch and be with the revelations of the different states of mind, the real life influences of the elders in their comments and relating it to the game, the ever existing enthusiasm of the teen, the world of the adolescent. All in everyone at various moments or some had one common base called, "FUN" in everyone.

Personally, i feel, it is a wonderful way to relate, learn and teach the kids the various factors that can influence, "Life", and learn to play it with the big factor called , fun. What appears as a board game of life has the subtle lessons of karma, acceptance, adaptability, balanced state of mind and the fun factor. Start the game with nothing, go with the flow of fun through various moves and once again end and leave with nothing. As a game too, it can have moments of arguments, sense of proving etc but none have the influence on the real self because everyone knows it as a game, plays it as a game. If at all, with so much fun and laughter, it is such a refreshing and energizing moment to be with. Watch out, participation with the right attitude makes the world of difference to one's own self and others too. One moody and uninterested character can turn the table if given a chance. Learn to handle that too(compassion) and have the best of fun.

May be, if death aspect is also included in the game, probably, it would be complete. Nevertheless, a great opportunity to watch others and more importantly watch your own self to have some of the best lessons of life.

Go grab a board, include everyone and have great fun in discovering the "ONE" that excludes none.


Liara Covert said...

One of my sisters is a true game enthusiast. Restaurant visitors reviewing is a wonderful role for food lovers. A borad game reviewer role must also exist, sort of like inspectors of underwear who verify material is of an acceptable, durable quality. Some jobs are literally sniffed out or created by innovative souls.

Merging Point said...

wherever and whatever it is, i feel, relating to creativity is indeed a way to the creator too. the more one is open to explore, greater is the experience.
Thankyou Liara.

Mark said...

This is a great analogy to this part of our journey! I have also thought of this game as I look at our life. Great post!

Merging Point said...

Yes Mark, an interesting game can indeed turnout to be full of insights too.