Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Had a list of things to cover and we left home to the library first to return some books and bring home some important book. Just as we were entering the library, the person realized that she forgot to get the access card. So that means , no borrowing only we can return. Still, she approached the counter and asked if she could take the books against her membership number and politely came the answer, no. So, we couldnot borrow what we had planned to bring. As usual, laughing at the silly mistake of not checking it out , we proceeded to the next important work, filling up the gas for the car as it was minimal.

On our way to the gas filling bunk, we had encountered almost an accident by the unruly bus driver who was atleast sensible enough to apply his brakes and it came to a halt so close to the car. Proceeding further, with new traffic diversions, we had to keep going straight eventhough we needed to take a U-Turn. We had no choice but just to follow and that landed us in a not so familiar place. I decided to try a short cut route and that took us to a world of great adventurous drive.

All along giggling with the unexpected criss crossing of people and vehicles, we were amidst of laughter which otherwise should have taken us to the top of frustration and irritation. The best benediction of the unknown way was the sunset which accompanied us throughout one single long road until we touched the road that was familiar to us.

We reached home with not a single work completed as planned but had the best of fun, sunset and the whole lot of experiential drive which was not planned too. Probably, even if we would have planned to go for a drive just for fun, we might not have had such experience of fun and lightness. We all come across such incidents in our life at sometime or the other. We may plan meticulously but find ourselves in a position of unable to execute for no fault of ours. Thats what creation is all about.

We can only follow what happens and also it is important how well we wish to follow. The choice probably lies only in following. Our state of mind enables us to choose the following and let go the deciding. Following clearly indicates the availability to the present and be fully with it.

Life's incidents help us to go through the tides of time only to help us understand our state of mind. The more we our in tune with our self, the better the connectivity and availability to the present. Whenever we slip, it acts immediately as an indicator to help us be back on track until we are rooted forever...


Anonymous said...

I really liked your adventure into the unknown. Its wonderful how easily you adapt to the moment at hand. A light attidtude takes one to a higher altitude.

Merging Point said...

'A light attidtude takes one to a higher altitude.' -- liked the way you said it.