~ Body ~

A vessel indeed
to churn various dishes
Just there for that purpose
Dish done, it goes for wash
rests in the rack
until the next call
has no clue as who's coming in
not even bothered whats being prepared
unaware of the waiting guests too
unaffected by their comments too
A vessel indeed ....


Mark said…
To be the vessel, is indeed the way to be. Thank-you for this wise passage.
Anonymous said…
Dear merging point, is it reincarnation which inspired you to this lovely poem?

Happy Blogging
Merging Point said…
Reincarnation...didnt have such a thought at all.It just happened with the thought of body alone. interesting to note your views.
Thanks for your compliments Ray!
Merging Point, what beautiful imagery!!! I delight in my visits here. Must come more often. I have been busy with the book.

You are a special soul.:D

Hugs, JJ
Merging Point said…
Thanks for your comments. Awaiting to have your book soon...All the best, JJ!
Anonymous said…
Immortality is a given. Part of you floats in divine emptiness in the midst of your beautiful revelations.

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