Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~ Gift ~

Most of us at some point of time would have been through this experience of either receiving a gift or giving it . Those moments have always been special even if it was momentary.

The art of choosing a gift -- i would like to mention it as an art and not a purchase, simply because it is an extension of the self as expression. Any form of art - dance, music, painting is an expression of the individual.

During a discussion on the topic of choosing a gift, things started to unfold naturally. Firstly, the person to whom it has to be gifted is the main focus. Considering his needs and complimenting it as close as possible with the constraints of budget, the gift turns out to be a useful gift. Unless the one who chooses the gift has a concern for the other, such details gets diluted while executing. When you choose a gift for the one whom you adore, you can clearly notice the intricate details and the rest that follows in that action. It is that love that gets reflected and never seen as an ordeal to do so.

When the same action as buying a gift comes into the play in the field of an organization for its employees, very few who hold the seat of decision making tend to extend it as an expression of the self. It is performed as a part of the job and not even viewed as a part of the whole. The interconnectedness of the human self invariably gets buried in the soil of selfishness for most of them.

It is not the action that differs but the one who lets it happen makes the difference. As a loved one, he or she is able to see the unifying love in his family or friends. But fails to keep the same with the rest of the world. A flower never differentiates between the people and chooses its loved ones to have its fragrance. Nature remains the same to one and all. The one who contemplates on that unifying eternal one source would emanate that fragrance of love in every tiny bit of expression.

Gift -- an extended part of the self. It contains your love and not meant to boast who you are and what is your wealth. Let us connect to that one in all and just be wherever...

Best of gift that we have received is our own being in this human form and the best that we can express as gift, i feel is again our own being in everything --both materialistic and non-materialistic.


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Rejoice that the moment has come
When you can offer yourself
As a gift to another
Not just one, but to all
That inhabit this Universe
Being is an offering
The Gift of Silence
One with All. - Swahilya Shambhavi.

Merging Point said...

Oh ya, lets rejoice!
Excellent flow Swahilya! Looks like you may have to go for one more site, just for your lovely poems!!!!

Anna said...

Oh this is something I can relate to. It did not take me that long, but I became so non-materialistic. Also, the best gift I ever received is my baby Matthew. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

mmmm.... lots to observe to serve our own selves. What better gift can we have than this "natural expression" in its utmost Divinity.