Thursday, August 21, 2008

~ Beyond ~

The field is provided to play the game. The activity, the game of actions takes place in the field. The results too are judged based on the action that happened on the field. Succes or failure, the field is just the same. Eventhough, it appears as a part of the entire game, it doesnot get included in the results of the sport. The judgement is awarded to the team or the individual as success and failure.

Yes, the field can contribute or facilitate for a healthy sport if it is given due attention and prepared well for the sport to play. Yet again, it has nothing to do with the result for there are known and unknown factors that also have a role to play. Sudden showers can simply snatch the game and tilt it anyside. Known that is the so called predictable factors too have their contributions.

The mind acting as the field and yet not influenced by the results of the sport can let us taste the state of beyondness. The actions go on, the results get announced too. If one gets caught in the circle of action and result only, then the beauty of the sport is lost in the arms of the game.

The field doesnot participate in jubilation when success is announced or gets buried into the soil when loss is said loud. It remains and best part is all set for the next to follow or not to follow too.

Nature, onceagain strikes like a lightning with its innumerable wordless expressions. All that is just to remind us to let that natural state be within too. Mind connected well within the source is ever available to the sport and remains uninfluenced too to the actions and the results.

Being in the aroma of the wisdom of the Master just lets the fragrance percolate deep within. It bestows the wisdom as "happening" and "not happening" and remain in the zone of "beyond".


Mark said...

Ah, very insightful. The field is key , yet often overlooked in the end. We must be aware and understand the field which lays before us.

Merging Point said...

yes Mark! awareness is the usage of the key.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Merging Point, I needed this wisdom today. Thank you, doll. :D

Hugs, JJ

Merging Point said...

Glad you connected JJ!!

It is all there everywhere but mostly we tend to connect only attimes. This is the crucial part of applying it all the time everywhere.

Anna said...

Merging point well explained. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Thankyou Anna.

Liara Covert said...

This post provokes thought. You could choose to perceive nothing is happening and "just be." This is often seen as hard, but slant of perception is a choice.

Merging Point said...

Liara --again it is how each one relates, views and connects to what. Ultimately, if it can bring the inner transformation in one's own self,then thats the vital part.