Tuesday, July 8, 2008

~naturally laid~

When i happened to be in one of the posh resorts, walking down the entire property just on the seashore left me wondering the human mind's planning as against the naturally laid ocean.

There wasnt tiny corner that was messed up or ill laid, right from pathways, cottages, garden, the spa etc. beautifully and elegantly enhanced by the choicest of decors, all stood bright and beautiful. Impeccably clean, whether it is the pool or the surrounding. A dedicated team that works round the clock to maintain the ambience. This is oneside.

Reaching the seashore and watching the vastness of the ocean --oh, my! None to be found working even for a while, yet so clean naturally. Few huge rocks that enhance the prevailing beauty stand there tall too. The waves, the sand, the rocks and the sky --all in tune with no planning or no manning.

Wow!Pampered in luxury for the body on oneside of the space and nourishment to the mind to connect to one's own self, all that one has to is just be!

Wherever one is, it is vital to remain connected and not get lost in luxury or choose to avoid luxury. There is nothing for or against to be natural. It all depends on the naturally laid self amidst the all pervading Divinity.


Mark said...

Excellent thoughts and observation! We must all learn to enjoy all of the lushness of life!

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Where there is no manning, there is Godding!

fruitu said...

very true

Anna said...

Wow Merging Point, nicely said. Your attention to details is amazing, and I love the way you described both. I never been to a resort, never really enjoy the prefect setting, but I always enjoyed perfect nature. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Thanks Mark! denial of any kind is denial of divinity.

Merging Point said...

Thanks for your comments Swahilya!
Manning is guarding, no manning is Godliness!

Merging Point said...

thank you Fruitu!

Merging Point said...

Perfect -- reminds me of the recent session that i had attended by The Master.
connecting to the perfect lets us explore the imperfect as it is to complete the cycle.
Thankyou Anna!Hope you are catching up with the new life.