Friday, July 4, 2008

~ Indicators ~

In a vehicle on road, the indicators play a major role in alerting the others on the path and letting them move smoothly in their way. Firstly, it is more of a mental alertness for the one who drives as to clearly know his way. Secondly, it helps the others to know if you are going to turn right or left etc.

Right frame of mind, the indicators are on the right track too. Any swing in the functioning of mind, the same indicators get switched on wrongly -- right indicator and turn left. This results in accidents, chaos and all confusions to the rider and the rest. Sometimes, traffic jam too!

The light is permanently fixed and so is the switch with facility to move the way we want. who is it operating? That's what makes the difference.

Moods of the human beings are similar to the indicators. Clear mind operating results in the good moods, paves way clearly for self and others too. Confused mind operating, unfortunately results in the bad moods and the chaos, accidents and the traffic jam is innumerable. Swing of moods is the toughest for the self and others on the way. Just imagine, you never know when the guy in front is going to follow his indications correctly. sometimes yes, sometimes no. It is like an adventure trip right in the middle of your journey.

Aligning with such a confused mind or a clear mind is what one learns and keeps moving ahead. Watching the tyre's movement helps us to get the indications of the turn too. So is it with human beings too. Subtle body languages come handy as indicators.

To grasp and move ahead, one needs to be stable and clear firstly with one's own self. Indeed, it is an adventurous journey with all its subtleties!


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

According to acupuncture, if there is an imbalance in flow of energies within a person, they can be even standing in the middle of the road and insensitive to a honking car right behind!
So when the flow of energy is brought to balance, the mind automatically gets flowing.

Anna said...

Wow, you are so right. You could be a prefect driver, and yet things can go wrong. Same in life...thanks for sharing, Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Balancing with one's own self is indeed the key to be in balance with others too.
Thanks for sharing, Swahilya!

Merging Point said...

yes, thats The way!
Thankyou Anna.

Michele said...

Balance and clarity of mind are very worthy goals. I hope you inspire more people to join us at this level of consciousness. Thank You.

Merging Point said...

Thankyou for your presence here Michele!