Monday, July 28, 2008

~ Fun of the Sport ~

Now a days, the corporates and the big organizations focus on the importance of welfare activities for the employees. Primarily it is to give the feel to the staff that the company is interested in the human side of the staff too. One such programme is arranging a sports meet for the employees.

Witnessing one such sports meet, revealed the being too. The mind, all the time put into a zone of work --planning and execution is for a change expected to participate in the field of sport. Here too, the planning and execution is exhibited by the mind. Then whats the difference? The outcome of the sport is in no way related with the performance at the office. In other words, you perform an action which is not result oriented. That does not mean, the team goes into the field with no aim. Every team walks in with the aim to win but even if they lose, it does not bring in the imbalance in the mind. There is an equanimity in the result. Winning or losing has no grip on the mind. It is for the fun of the sport that participation happens.

Interestingly, the body too goes through unusual exposure to exhaustion but yet no one sulks or sinks into depression. When non result oriented action is performed, the body too moves well with the situation.

In life too, we come across many situations wherein if we learn this art,"fun of sport" to play, we can experience the outcome too. Primarily, there is no real division among the employees yet for the sake of the sport, the teams are divided. Innately, the sense of oneness exists as belonging to one organization. hence the result is equanimity of mind.

In this huge playground of world, we belong to one organization called humanity and keep playing different kinds of sport.There are no losers and no winners. So, lets have the sports meet all the while and not just once in a while.


fruitu said...

it is arranged to bring in a sense of being together as a team, which is essential for any corporates and if they can apply in their routine life, it makes life easy and simpler as a game , and such events also works as real stress busters.

Anna said...

Merging Point you reminded me something when I read this post. I was once in tai chi class, and we got new student in the class who was professional runner. I notice something interesting, the energy levels, as we were calm and peaceful, she seems to be very competative, not apporchable and ready to run. I guess different type of sports have different outcomes....Thanks for sharing, very interesting post. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Yes Fruitu, togetherness with no expectations, stress buster etc...are indeed some of the essence.Also builds interpersonal opportunity to see the human side than an employee or employer side.

Merging Point said...

True, energy levels as reflected in personality is what we tend to interact.Thats why these kind of sports where it is just for fun makes a world of difference when it is played as a game of competition.
I did notice one person sulking a bit coz their team had lost. so thats his energy levels and the frame of mind.
"fun of the sport" is the key to the way.

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Merging Point said...

Namaste Swahilya.