Sunday, June 22, 2008

~ The Room ~

If you had wondered that i have disappeared from the world of blogging, yes in a way it is true and yet it is not. This post is so relevant to the role i presently play in the world of action.

When we move into an apartment, the rooms get their names according to the furniture placed and function accordingly-- bedroom, kitchen etc. It is but natural and sensible to function accordingly in those areas. No one chooses to cook in the bedroom or sleep in the kitchen.Wherever it is, it is the human being that adapts to the functional side. It is the functional aspects that determine the space which at one time remained as an open space. Human being is the same that operates in the open space and is fully aware of this temporary division of space as bedroom and kitchen. It is the awareness in the human being to know them all as labels of the space and yet function totally according to the zone.

Mind, which is also similar to this room concept gets into its functional aspects depending on where it is playing the role. At times, it is amidst full of action(Body and mind) and at times it is into a withdrawn zone, less activity of both body and mind. The beauty lies in the awareness to know them all as springing from one source and expressing differently. Ocean remains the same, travel changes from ship to boat or vice versa but the traveller too remains the same.

Presently, in this ocean of blogging, it has been a change from ship to boat and vice versa in the world of activity. Whatever the changes that happen, it is vital to remain connected and be aware of the one source. Many rooms to move and be with in ONE home!


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Merging Point, so happy you're back. I understand the times of withdrawal. I am completing my first project in the next couple of days and haven't had time for surfing blogs. But that is how I relax so I can't wait to finish up so I can be "me" all the way. :D

Beautiful post!!!

Hugs, JJ

Merging Point said...

The new project needs more time for my body and mind. so whenever possible, shall be here to meet you.
Thank you for your comments and concern JJ! love

Anna said...

Me and you Merging Point lol, I was away too, and I guess you know why now, lol. This is such interesting post, and btw what do you mean 'No one chooses to cook in the bedroom or sleep in the kitchen.' - now with the little one around, sleep is only a dream around the house, so sometimes not but choice sleeping by the kitchen table might just happen. Thanks for sharing, and welcome back too. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Yea Anna! motherhood lets you discover hidden possibilities and umpteen ways to rest your body. Make sure you dont let the food get burnt. love

Grace said...

knowing when to just 'be', and when to 'do', is a valueable tool :)

Nice to see you blogging again...


Merging Point said...

yes Grace. Infact, the doing is not separate from the being when just "be" happens.
I want to do is surely different from the doing happening from just being.

Am glad to have you too and thanks for your comments.


Mark said...

Excellent analogy! I find myself in a similar "boat" at the moment where my activity outside of the blog world is taking prescendent over blogging. Many rooms, so true.

Merging Point said...

Thank you mark!
mmm... yet whenever you blog, your posts reflect that inner connectivity.
Its the moment with which how one is attuned is what matters than the activity or withdrawal.