Sunday, April 6, 2008

~ Alive/Dead ~

A pond with a whole lot of live plants is a beauty. It attracts the people to stop and admire its beauty. The flowers are the guest houses for the bees and other visitors. There is so much life and freshness. The fragrance of the flowers fill the air. A live plant is an enhancer to the already existing pond.

Same plant when it is dead, what a plight it renders! No longer it is called as a plant but regarded as debris. The pond still exists. Fragrance to stink, freshness to dullness. From a pond full of life and activity, when filled with dead plants, it takes the shape of a mortuary. No one would ever wish to visit a pond of mortuary and spend an evening by the side of it.

This body is like a pond. keep the plant alive within, let it emanate the fragrance. Your presence in this world with this body is like a pond full of life, freshness and fragrance. Clear the debris within and let it not contaminate the rest. This is a wonderful mobile pond. Unlike the pond that has to wait for the visitor to visit it, this human pond is blessed to have the best of both. Can move or can choose to be at one place too. when it is alive only, dont send it to a mortuary.

Letting it flow with the freshness and fragrance or letting it stagnate and stink is the wisdom of the individual.


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Very nice comparison.

Merging Point said...

Thank you swahilya!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear merging point, that humans who have cleaned their spirit have a fresh radiation that brings joy in the life of others is a wonderful thing.

Merging Point said...

Dear Rainer, the spirit remains the same. the mind with unwanted debris needs to be cleared and then the spirit gets expressed crystal clear.
Thanks for your comments.

fruitu said...

Beautiful picture and nice explanation.

Anonymous said...

The dead pond also can be buzz with millions of activities. All the worms and insects and mosquitoes and million other nameless life forms thrive there?

Just like the pond, the body always has visitors. Pain, old age, health, pleasures, diseases, and many more. Some visit and go, some threaten to come back and a few choose to stay too.

Do you think the greatness of anything (including the pond or body) is decided by the number of people hanging around or visiting it ?

Unlike the flowers (that are displayed in a show)that have many visitors, the rarest flower ponds may not be accessible by any, because they grow in much higher altitudes.

Merging Point said...

Welcome to the blog anonymous!

Wow! This is an interesting insight and lets go step by step.

"The dead pond"-- The pond exists whether it has live plants or dead plants.As you had clearly mentioned so many live creatures thrive.The pond stinks only when whats inside the pond, the live plant dies and contaminates the whole.

About visitors-- True. the difference, when the visitors take over the base, then the problem is magnified.So it is essential, to know them as visitors and treat them as visitors too.

Fragrance of a flower is not like some perfume manufactured by the human mind. It needs no certification and it is not interested in getting an ISO and expanding its territory simply because only a human mind is ever for recognition, certification and possession. To be the fragrance of a flower is just to be natural.Thats its innate nature.The greatness is not dependent on any outside factor.

Rarest flower ponds, very true. We hardly ever get to see them just like some of the realized beings. Many times, they are not easily accessible to the ordinary man existing in this world of action. So lets learn to apply whatever possible and available here and now.

Thank you anonymous for a wonderful expansion.

Merging Point said...

thank you Fruitu!

Liara Covert said...

Your post is especially relevant to how I recently felt while visiting the Hobart Botantical Gardens in Tasmania. Something timeless and exquisite about a flower floating in a pond reminds me of the innate beauty of all life. We are each pure love ourselves.

Merging Point said...

Yes Liara! with the benediction of the 6th sense, its vital to keep the plant alive within than let it turn into a debris.
Love, indeed is its fragrance. Its unfortunate some people dont realise that.
With or without recognition, the flower with its fragrance remains there.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Beautiful post, Merging Point and inspirational replies also. I want to have a clear pond where one can see that my soul is good and not murky.

Hugs, JJ

Merging Point said...

Thank you for the comment JJ!
If i may add, soul is neither good or bad, just that we tend to keep it in murky waters with all our cluttered thoughts and garbage. just need to clear them and then it shines with its natural brightness.