~ Sleep-lessness~

For what shall i
Embrace the bed
when sleep refuses
To embrace me
Dream is an illusion
Sleep is a non-reality
Embedded grains
Inside the mind
No bed for the body
That houses the grained mind
Strangulated within
With unknown fear
with a loaded mind
and an exhausted body
Vital breath yet flowing
Connecting all to the ONE
Birth of darkness
No longer haunts me
For its light, light


fruitu said…
Birth of Darkness, Darkness is just the absence of light. Awareness is the eternal light which will be the guide us in everything.
Merging Point said…
Exactly Fruitu!
This is written on observing a sleepless person.
Darkness is condensed light
Light is expanded darkness
Darkness or light
Sleep is essential
As it is the time
When the mind dips down
In total surrender
To the Universal conscious force
And when it wakes
It is full of the energy
That it rested in through the night
Merging Point said…
Lovely one Swahilya!
Yes, its not the duration spent but how well its spent that matters.
myonlyphoto said…
Lovely poem Merging Point. BTW I like your new blog layout and colors. Going back to the poem, when I cannot sleep, my head is working by thinking hard, but not what I will buy or what I will do next day, but things like thinking about my family, and how lucky I am. Anna :)
Lynda Lehmann said…
These are powerful and descriptive words, Merging Point. Very poetic and well done!
Merging Point said…
Thank you Lynda! sometimes when ceratin things are better understood even by observing the others. Likewise, in a detached state from our own selves, we understand ourselves better.
Merging Point said…
Thank you for the lovely comments and compliments on the new look, Anna!
Lucky you... looks like you need no sleep..lol.
Ray Gratzner said…
Dear mergingpoint,

I like your poem, because I feel good while reading and enjoying. Thank you
Ray Gratzner said…
It seems to me as if the link to the uneasy supplicant is dead.
Merging Point said…
Good to hear you felt good Rainer!
Yes, The uneasy Supplicant link exists no more.
Anonymous said…
mergingpoint, I love your expressive word choices. However, I do not agree sleep is a "non-reality." I actually sense sleep is a state where humans can begin to explore their core selves, diverse abilities, innate powers and infinite potential. This helps to explain why some people believe death is when they will awaken from the self-created mindsets of physical existence.
Merging Point said…
Thank you Liara!
Sleep is a reality, no doubt for all those who can sleep the moment they hit the bed. here, as i had mentioned earlier it becomes a non-reality for the one who suffers from sleeplessness.
Infact, watching one's own self in sleep is indeed a wonderful experience.
Merging Point, beautiful post, especially for tortured souls. I have to admit in the past to falling into a habit of remembering bad things just as my head hit the pillow and that kept me tossing and turning all night. What causes that?

Hugs, JJ
Beautiful prose!!!

Hugs, JJ
Merging Point said…
Dear JJ! All that happens gets registered in the mind. So suffering or enjoyment also takes place in that same zone. Soul which is nothing but a spark of the same universal source is beyond these factors of joy and suffering. So basically, when the mind is ingrained with bad things, the body too has its share of the suffering in the form of sleeplessness. Both are integrated.

When we undertake a repair work, we first ensure that our legs are well balanced on a steady and stable surface and then we work on the area thats needs to be attended. You dont stand on the surface to be repaired and start the repair work. Same goes with Body, Mind, Soul. Connected to the self(Soul), then work on the mind and that in turn automatically would reflect as a result on the body. Meditation is that connecting to one's own self.

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