Friday, March 28, 2008

~ let go ~

Let go NOT to lose
But to be abundant

Let go -- yet another term one comes across in the spiritual circle more often. It may not be possible to have a definite description to this word. May be, when we try to relate with a concrete example, we understand its subtle expression better.

Lets say, we are on to a "Roller coaster" ride. Now, the person on the ride is gripped in fear, yet wants to go in the ride and experience the thrill. Watch the person, the body goes into a dead state like stiffness, eyes closed mostly and holding tightly to whatever is available. Yes, the person does go through the journey with a dead state. Now, let the turn happen. Imagine the same person becomes aware that there is nothing to hold on and become tight, close the eyes and physically cling to something. Anyways, the journey is happening and infact, people who go in it fearlessly seem to enjoy better and return with a fulfillment. This awareness brings forth the confidence and same person is back on the ride with just a change in his attitude of, "let go".
Wow! be there to experience it and watching such a transformation in a person even in a simple ride can have a lasting effect on you.

The ride is the same as much as the person. Then whats it that has been "let go". Its not the physical item that is dropped. Neither the ride or the person is abandoned from undertaking the journey.It all happens in the invisible mind. There is nothing to abandon in the subtle level. You just loosen your grip on the ever existing flow. Thats let go. Its not abandoning. Its not losing. Rather let go lets you experience the abundance in the flow. Just like the ride experienced by the "let go" person. Your clinging clogs the experience of abundance. Everything exists as it is but its the state of mind that speaks the difference in experiencing.

Coming into contact or listening to the words of wisdom from an enlightened being lets you have that confidence and be aware of the abundance of letting the let go happen.

Let go clears the clog in the connectors to the creator!


Ray Gratzner said...


I like this image of a roller coaster ride with a dead stiff person. I think I will use it sometime.

Merging Point said...

sure Rainer! it will help you see the difference.

fruitu said...

let go clears the clog in the connectors to the creator! beautiful merging point.

like let go, In art of living classes they say
Take a deep breath and drop it.

Merging Point said...

thank you Fruitu!

Yes, like exhausting and letting it go with exhalation. Instantly it just brings one to the present.

Secret Simon said...

Yes, the roller coaster is a great metaphor. I remember once being very stressed about such a ride - so much so that I tensed all my muscles from start to finish. At then end of the ride, I was still alive :-) but my muscles were aching all over. It wasn't the roller coaster that had caused me that pain - it was me not letting go!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

The image of me on a Ferris Wheel would make this point. LOL I have to have someone else hang on to my purse. Haven't been on a Ferris Wheel ride in years. I turn stiff and feel the fright the whole ride.

Our fears keep us from enjoying life. That's for sure. It clicks off the mind processes so we can't move forward.

SUPER POST, Merging Point!!! Right now I am walking in unfamiliar territory. I pray I have courage to move forward, one step at a time. :D Please pray for me. I'll let you know soon what it's about.

Hugs, JJ

Hugs, Nancy

Merging Point said...

thanks for your wonderful sharing Simon! Yes, you got it on the dot.
Muscle stiffness is the reflection seen on the body. You can notice it in people with fear.

Merging Point said...

Next time, when you are on any ride, just try this. What can happen at the most, tell yourself and see the results. Come what may, im here all out for what it is to be...You would be surprised to find your awareness level go higher and having a blast.
I am confident on your courage and and remember my love for you goes with every step.
Awaiting to hear your journey into the unfamiliar turning to just another

Lynda Lehmann said...

Merging Point, we go through life holding too tight--as if we are afraid to find ourselves in the freedom and flow that will happen if we let go, as you suggest.

I can relate to what Secret Simon says about the tense muscles hurting after the ride. Fear and anxiety grow and are compounded if we will not confront them. Just acknowledging that we have them, loosens their grip.

I like to feel my feelings, own them all the way, then try to let go.

Thanks for the interesting post!

Merging Point said...

Yes lynda! holding on tight ,it becomes a bondage. let go, it flows..
Only in acceptance can the let go happen.Own them--like that phrase..
Thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

Merging Point there are just some fears I have that I will not let go. It is negative statement on my part, but I tell you I probably will never be able to swim, lol. Well kidding aside, letting go is hard, but there where few things that I did let go in my life, and I tell you I can see the difference, and not just small difference, but big difference. Thanks for sharing, another great post. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Anna, once you start looking as " who has the fears?", then the gates of let go open up on their own. You do nothing but enjoy the freedom. Lol.