Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~ Confidence ~

Confide in one's own self is confidence. For this to happen, one needs to identify the self. The human being is used to developing confidence in others. Its the outside which lets you know and get the feel of that word, confidence. Actually, the outside either helps to identify the hidden potential or becomes an emptying vessel for emotional confidence. All these aspects take place on the zone of body and mind functioning.

To have a complete development in one's own self, the search for wholeness begins. Thats when every aspect and angle of the outside is turned within to derive the same, right within. Not every individual is fortunate to get that exclusive guidance from a human form who knows His Self and who enables you to find your self too.

Coming into contact with such Realised beings, you discover a whole lot of missing(misplaced) blocks that are essential to complete the construction. Both the body and mind are meant for attaining the eventual wholeness. Remaining in the comfort zone, doesnot let one to explore and find the rest of the blocks. Either its fear or ignorance that pulls down the confidence. The one who has a clear vision never gets distracted in the comfort zone(however great and beautiful it may look) and is always on the move(change) to have the wholeness.

Still worse, people who get stuck to the comfort zone when refused can even resort to accusing The one who had been instrumental in their development. A child refusing to have the food is initially cajoled and given chocolate to develop the confidence. But, the mother's aim would finally be to feed the real nourishment much needed for the kid. No mother is ever going to feed the child only with chocolates and allow the deterioration. If the kid blames the mother, it only shows its ignorance. But same continues with any other relationship especially when coming to know the real self, none other than the individual is at loss and misery.

Be wise to know your self well and be grateful to existence for all such blessings.


fruitu said...

WoW!!!!!!!!! beautiful post, nice explanation,

Merging Point said...

welcome Fruitu!

Helen said...

How true it is when we are kind to ourselves we can accomplish anything. Helen

Merging Point said...

Welcome to the blog Helen!

Knowing our self can help us to see it clear.

Anna said...

This is excellent Merging Point, and I have to tell you I lack some of it. I am always unsure of myself, even when people tell me its all good - may be I am just too judgemental of myself. I have to let go.....Thanks for sharing, is is always good to read and be reminded. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

I appreciate your openness to accept Anna! Awareness leads to acceptance, inturn to the change.
yes..read mainly to remind and be in the self...lol