~ Witness ~

Shades of colours so many
you flaunt in the sky
Different frames
of many backdrops
You provide for the clouds
Stationary you remain
With all your splendour
Rest in motion
Present a panoramic movie
We watch your innumerable shows
As sky the self remains
As cloud the body moves
As shades the mind
As innumerable projected shows indeed
Who is it watching
this show of mine
can you hear me
My beloved witness?


Beautiful! I have never thought of the movement as a whole around me, but God does keep us entertained on our journeys with more beauty than one person could ever dream up. :D

Hugs, JJ
Merging Point said…
mmm...creation to the creator to the self....
Thanks JJ!
Anonymous said…
Very nice flow MergingPoint.
May I add...

Plumage painted
restless in your artistry
you beg for an audience
in grandeur
subject to touching one
and many.
Merging Point said…
Thank you JD!
Cute poem indeed!
myonlyphoto said…
Merging Point, let me be the beloved witness, very nice poem, I think I am starting to understand more of them, lol. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)
Merging Point said…
Okay my beloved witness... am glad to hear your comment, Anna!
fruitu said…
beautiful poem, what is there to hear? when the seer merges with the seen.
Merging Point said…
Welcome to the blog, Fruitu!
Thank you for the appreciation.
Yea, thats the catch...
who is there and what is there...until then???
Anonymous said…
lovely words & the lines....you have crafted it beautifully!
Merging Point said…
Welcome to the blog, flyingstars!
glad you liked it and thanks for commenting too.

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