~ False to Flow ~

Nature strickes me with yet another astounding truth. Many descriptions emerge from many minds to describe the falls as wonderful, beautiful, amazing etc. But many times, many of us miss out on the subtler aspect or probably the lesson that we can imbibe from it, ofcourse, the river by itself may not be aware of it too. One such -- its our mind which attributes descriptions that fit our imaginations. When we exercise the same principle in life with people and situations, it can lead to distortions. Distortions to disturbances and then to derailment. So therefore, nothing wrong in describing the nature for all its wonder it presents but also one needs to be aware of not getting caught in the concept and seeing it as it is. This is the essence of the teachings of our Masters. When we practise to do this with nature, it surely helps us to deal better with the rest of the world. That doesnt mean, one should freeze the flow. Just need to be aware and apply appropriately as we keep moving ahead.

Falls -- is it a reminder to be fearless in life? looks like. Now, letting open the gates of imagination-- if the river which is flowing on a plain surface is gripped by the fear(height) of the huge valley, imagine what would happen to the river. It cant let go and become a falls. When it runs on the plains, its called only a river. But when it drops from the height, it becomes a falls. Onceagain, no one has assured it that its going to flow again, yet it simply drops to flow. What a beauty it renders(it doesnt know) to the eyes of the one who sees. The lesson -let go and go with the flow. The river does it unknowingly, but as humanbeings, we have our 6th sense that can play the havoc. Thats when we need to turn to nature to look within and apply the same with total awareness. There is no guarantee to pass the test in the first shot, but its vital to take the test. Meditation is the facilitator in this process.

Unchartered ways to a never existing destination, it flows.....On its way, embraces and encounters all that comes....False eye creates a fear even watching a falls, clear vision lets one to be in the wonders of the flow.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful post MergingPoint. I wrote a poem a few months back. This post reminds me of that poem.

Take care.
Merging Point said…
Thank you JD! will check on your poem too...title sounds interesting
This has inspired me to tears!!!

Hugs, JJ
Merging Point said…
From false its flowing as tears...love
myonlyphoto said…
Merging Point, one way or the other there is connection everywhere (us to nature, nature to us) and we can find analogy for everything, this is well done, I really like the way you talked about the falls. Beautiful post, Anna :)
Merging Point said…
True Anna! nothing is disconnected, just that we miss at times and learn to connect and sustain

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