Thursday, January 17, 2008

~ YES and NO ~

Just two simple words used often to express the final decision. However eloquent one is, its few who are precise in using these two little words. Rest mostly beat around the bush or just slip and slide away. One who is well connected with one's own self is also very clear in expressing the same. There is clarity in speech as much as in action. Speak but speed away at the need of the hour is someone who is strong in the ego but yet to be connected. so is it when it comes to emotional attachments too. Someone would be a very responsible citizen in the eyes of the society but invariably fails to extend the same justice when it comes to deciding on his kith and kin. simple cause -- emotional attachment as relationship. But one who is expressing from the source is clear with the decision and doesnot suffer or enjoy with hatredness or happiness. The words carry no attachments either happy or sad. Its only the need of the hour and the person is totally responsible for it. Suggestions can be many from anyone but decision should always be one's own. To have that one's own decision, its important to be well connected with one's own self. Meditation is that platform for connectivity to happen. One can only prepare the stage but its Divine Grace that lets performance to happen.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Beautiful post!!! Emotional attachments are the hardest to maintain because we have the tendency to duck and cover. Could you post about how we are changed by the people who come into our lives?

I know your blog has inspired me to look into and open my soul. :D

Hugs, JJ

Anna said...

Merging Point, very interesting post. Funny thing is that I can handle yes or no followed by explanation, but I cannot handle explanation, and then sometimes not getting yes or no answer - to me this is 'beating around the bush or just slip and slide away'. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Yes JJ, shall share my experience soon..
Btw did you visit "Moksha Junkyard"? The site to look within and open up -- The Master's Wisdom!

Merging Point said...

"but I cannot handle explanation,"--thats where the catch is. Once you are clear with yourself from the self then either there is no explanation given to prove your point. Shall be explaining the same in the next post, anna!