Thursday, January 31, 2008

~ Society ~

Group of individuals that make a society
Group of flowers that make a bouquet
Group of trees that make an orchard
Shades stroked together makes a painting
Within a boundary, yet together


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Again, well done.

Merging Point said...

Thank you JD!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Merging Point, I will always look at flower gardens with new eyes after reading this post.


Hugs, JJ

Merging Point said...

Our eyes open as the flower blossoms...
Glad to know your new perception, JJ!.... lol

brad4d said...

. . equal individuals.
read the 1st 2 paragraphs of ommon Sense ~

Merging Point said...

welcome to the blog!
"observing others allows me to know Myself as projector" -- you say that.
observing my thoughts help to know my own Self -- i follow this.

Anna said...

And here we are group of bloggers, within a boundry of internet, yet together. Very cute little poem. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

oh,WoW!!! i like that Anna!