Monday, January 21, 2008

~ exPlain ~

Sharing some of the shades revealed by the word explain.

Explain -- usage in the logical front. To prove the formula, one explains in different steps. Applying in life, to prove one's views and concepts, one goes into explanations. Kind of logical applications used in science, maths etc. But the catch in life is, there is nothing to prove but atmost give an extended description(explanation) to make the understanding easier. Instead, if someone is caught in the trap of proving(unconnected ego), then it can turn out to become an unpleasant experience. When one functions from the connected ego, automatically it views from the other person's angle and only stops with the extended description and never gets caught in proving. Even if the extended description fails to convey, it doesnt matter to the connected ego. As much as there is no need to understand everything in this world, so is it when it comes to explaining and expecting the other to understand. Its indeed an art expressed from the consciousness.

ex-plain -- not the present but referring to the past. Ex-GM -- not the present general manager but was a general manager earlier. Very few learn the art of withdrawal and come into the acceptance of the plain present. lets say an Ex-GM walks into his earlier office to visit his Chairman, he would plainly abide by the rules of the organization-- informing the secretary and wait for the call. He may not walk into his employees cabin but out of the love and respect for him(if he has earned), others may come out to see him. Thats just being plain. Now, just imagine a Ex-Gm -refusing to see it plain. He would just do the reverse-- not waiting, walk into the cabins, interfere in the operations in the name of suggesting etc. best part, some of the yet to see it plain characters in the office would still suggest the seeing it plain person --"sir, this is your office, why are you waiting here. you should have just walked in" so its important to be plain and also not to be influenced by the ex-plain(other than plain)

ExPlain -- The most interesting interactions with people who just refuse to see it as it is(plain).
A conversation between two students. First from a plain to both --plain and not plain.
"did you see my book?" reply from a seeing it plain student -- " No. i just came from the rest room. See if its in your bag". ex--plain (NOT) -- " you think i took your book. I have my own. there is no need to take yours. if you want ask him, he was also there". (sign of assuming that being suspected and wanting to prove)
Second from a NOT plain to both
'who took my book?'
Reply from plain, ' just search in your bag. check if you had misplaced it"
Reply from NOT plain, ' what do you mean? How can you assume and conclude?".....
This conversation once again clearly indicates the importance of just seeing it as it is, a sign of maturity.

Its the connectivity that reflects in expression. Not everyone turns wise overnight, but atleast should have the willingness to learn and correct oneself and connect to the Self. Afterall, its a road to realization...let us not let the pits to pin us down, but teach us to go in pace.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

A beautiful post. So many times I have fallen into this. You are making me a better person. :D

I have an award for you on my blog!!!

Hugs, JJ

Merging Point said...

Thank you for the award and i appreciate your love JJ!

many ways wisdom is contributed, how well one receives and applies is whats most important. Not just my sharing only JJ, its your openness to learn and apply is whats making you a better person. Truly great!!

Anna said...

Very interesting. Yes in the real world when we know all the formulats, we can explain how it was derived. But then there is that other explain in the real life that I sometimes get stuck. I wish there was more answers, proofs, but I think I finally came to realize it is what it is. Confused as I would like to always have physical proof, but then I just accept. I though I throw few cents here. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)

Merging Point said...

welcome anna!