Sunday, December 2, 2007

~ Monotony ~

Watching the slide show of great paintings on the sky, was wondering, how it would be if the sky decides to choose the best of the paintings and freeze it as its screen saver! instead it has just let the myriad shades move and blend as they wish, thereby never getting trapped into the "Monotony". Thats why its so fresh and lively. With no fixations, no perfections, its bound to be always The Best!
Monotony -- can also create problems for adaptability and acceptability. Lets say someone who is used to a certain pattern of working at certain time intervals can go haywire if even a slight change is made. Anything that falls into the frame of fixation can only be dead -- it literally freezes the liveliness. Freedom is full of life. Its the freedom of the stars, clouds ,the birds, the sun, the moon...etc that offers immense freshness and breaks the monotony.
Lets consciously break the monotony from our lives and imbibe the freshness and freedom lessons from our silent speaker, nature!


Swahilya said...

The word Monotony itself is a beautiful one. It is Mono Tonous : of a single tone. In my experience of handling situations that are monotonous - I have learnt to be there with it in that moment and there the very situation has helped me to realise the essence of being. So even monotony is not in vain.

Merging Point said...

Yes Swahilya, if it is the Real mono -- The One!