Sunday, December 16, 2007

~ YinYang ~

Love of the Painter
plays with shades
painting the walls.
Bright and contrast
is their individual shades
Blending and presenting
Aligning side by side
As complimentary shades
Is the love of the art
The essence of the Creator!
No mind, The colour blends
From contrast to complimentary
Dear Human mind
Can you hear me, please?
Allow the love of The Divine
To let you be complimentary
Not just Yin OR Yang
But to be yinyang!


Anna said...

Merging Point another great little post that I enjoyed. And yes, not just Yin OR Yang, but to be yinyang is right. They teach us this in Tai Chi, you need both. To continue from previous posts, the comfort zone I used to be was too much of yang, that is stress, competition, and I just kept going and going and no rest, and not getting anywhere. When I broke that barrier, now I enjoy the both, and believe or not it is better for our lives. Beautiful post as always, Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Anna, i love the way you relate and contribute to the posts.
nothing is mine too -- all My Master's Grace!