Thursday, November 15, 2007

~ YinYang ~

Light Darkness
Good Bad
..etc ....etc

Poles apart on the surface
Is The part of the other
In depth within
Hole, it is that makes it apart
Whole, it is that makes it a part
Contradictory is its expression
Complimentary in its essence
Repulsion causes opposite poles
In union its no-pole.

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Swahilya said...

This morning I got an interesting contemplation on positive and negative energy - and I share it here because, it is so similar to this post!
Positive Energy means - Receiving and Giving: Such people have their expressions existing in consciousness for a long period of time.
Negative Energy means: Receiving and totally absorbing, without giving back. Such people have tremendous energy but they exist for a brief period and dissolve when their ego cannot hold any more
That's all about the Devas and Asuras. The Good and the Bad.
The Consciousness supports both!
So it doesn't matter actually if one is a Rama or a Ravana! Both go back to the same consciousness after being the way they are!